Anker Soundcore Motion Plus Review 2024

Anker Soundcore Motion Plus

Anker has recently earned a solid reputation for providing high-quality speakers and headphones at a reasonable price. The company has grown from strength to strength, primarily targeting those who want good audio quality without spending a fortune.

Anker has released its Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth speaker, a device more about power than eye-catching good looks. 

Are you looking for an affordable Bluetooth speaker with clear, loud sound? We have a fantastic suggestion for all music lovers with a tight budget. Soundcore Motion+ comes with all the innovative features at average pricing. 

You can listen to your favorite podcast and stream with a theatre-like sound at home. You can also use it to fill the space at home gatherings and small parties. In this article, we’ll have an in-depth review of Anker Soundcore Motion Plus. 

Let’s get straight into it: 

Anker Soundcore Motion Plus – Best Affordable Speaker

Anker Soundcore Motion+ is a complete package for music lovers. The speaker has a clear, loud sound, the latest Bluetooth kit, and intense bass. Anker’s Soundcore Motion+ is an excellent all-around Bluetooth speaker that packs a powerful punch at a reasonable price. IPX7 water resistance, aptX, Bluetooth multipoint, and stereo pairing help it stand out from the crowd, and a fully custom EQ in the Soundcore app allows you to adjust the sound to your exact preferences easily.

Also, it completely supports EQ, Android, and iOS. It has an excellent, vibrant design, a waterproof cover, and innovative app compatibilities. Motion+ is the perfect fit for all those looking for a despicable wireless. 

Anker Soundcore Motion+ Specs

  • Weight:                            1.0kg 
  • Dimensions(hwd):          257 x 79 x 82 mm  
  • Bluetooth version:          5.0
  • Waterproof:                    Yes (IPx7 rating)
  • App compatibility:         Soundcore 
  • Type:                               Wireless speaker
  • Balanced sound
  • 280 ft. Bluetooth range
  • Aux wired input
  • Long playback time
  • IPX7 rating
  • SBC, aptX, wired audio, and Bluetooth multipoint
  • Stereo pairing with an additional Motion+ speaker
  • Custom EQ companion app
  • Microphone with voice assistant support
  • Compressed sound
  • No dust-proof sensors
  • The default sound lacks bass
  • Heavy

All You Need to Know About Anker Soundcore Motion+

Here are some basic features to consider before buying a Bluetooth speaker:

  • Sound Quality

Soundcore Motion+ is a mid-range speaker with balanced sound. It has two high-frequency tweeters with a maximum volume of 91.0dB SPL. You must carefully place it for clarity because it has a Uni-directional sound.

The speaker uses modern Qualcomm aptX for high-resolution audio via Bluetooth streaming. The overall power output is 30 watts. With advanced passive radiators, it can get loud enough for outdoor gatherings. Also, the clear notes and rich lows deliver an incredible music experience.

However, you may feel a bit of sound compression at high volumes. But the mid-range bass and balanced vocals pay for this drawback. Well, for higher frequencies, it lacks at some points. But the sound intensity is enough to fill up your room. 

  • Design and Appearance

The best thing about Soundcore Motion+ is it’s amazingly built up. The speaker comes with a cylindrical slim design and is ultra-lightweight. It has a solid back casing and a porous front with the Soundcore logo.

This fantastic, innovative speaker is available in three vibrant colors. You can get it in black, red, and blue colors; however, black is my favorite. It doesn’t have a strap; you don’t need one as it is light and lean. 

It has an incredible control system with physical buttons. The speaker’s top has play and pause buttons, volume, traction, and call answering buttons. Moreover, a power button with LED status light, USB port, and Aux input port is made on the side. 

  • Durability and Portability

Anker Soundcore Motion+ is ultimately portable and durable. The speaker comes with a solid plastic casing to protect the inner system. It comes with a thick metal grill in the front. Also, the front part is porous to deliver a clear sound.

Additionally, Motion Plus has the latest IPX7 waterproof ratings. This feature makes it perfect for pool parties. However, it has no dustproof system, so you should be careful when using it on beaches and dusty places. 

This incredible speaker from the Anker line-up is lightweight, only 1.0kg. It is specially made slim and compact for convenient carrying. Also, the horizontal structure made it perfect, so you can comfortably place it anywhere. 

  • Built-in Microphone and App Connectivity

The best thing about Anker Motion+ is its voice assistant features. The speaker comes with Google Assistant, Siri, and speakerphone compatibility. However, it doesn’t have Alexa, voice activation, or microphone mute support. 

On the other hand, EQ has compatible graphics and presets. Additionally, it comes with Soundcore Motion+ app compatibility to stream your favorite music. You can also get iOS and Android support with innovative Bass-up, Classic, Bass-off, and heavy options. 

The stereo party mode is made for you if you often arrange home parties. You can connect it with other compatible Anker speakers and create a dynamic sound effect to rock your floor. 

  • Pricing and Availability

Anker launched Motion+ in February 2019, but they sell thousands of its copies. Because of its despicable and loud sound, pricing + is readily available on various e-commerce apps. 

The speaker is available for only $89 at Amazon. You can also get it from Walmart and Anker’s official website.  

Connectivity Options for Anker Soundcore Motion+

Another commendable feature of Motion+ is its dual connection options. The speaker has both wired and wireless connectivity. For wired, you can use an Aux input cable available in boxing.

Unfortunately, Soundcore Motion+ didn’t have a Wi-Fi option. So, for wireless connection, you can connect via Bluetooth. With an incredibly long Bluetooth range of 280 ft. and the latest 5.0 version, you can surely buy it. 

Moreover, it has a long battery time of more than 15 hours with a charging time of only 3-4 hours. 

What’s Inside the Box?

Motion+ came with a few extras that are extremely useful and necessary. I like one ANKER branded type-c charging cable that is of good quality. It is capable of charging at 5 volts and 2 amps. It is also worth noting that this cable can transfer data if used with your phone occasionally. A high-quality AUX cable was also included in the package.

Why Should We Buy Anker Soundcore Motion+?

Anker Soundcore Motion+ is a treasure for music lovers with low budgets. It comes with almost every intelligent feature, including wired and wireless connectivity. Motion Plus is a loud, mid-range, balanced speaker.

You can get loud sound, clear vocals, and improved audio in a single package. The best thing is its incredibly sleek appearance and, of course, the price tag.  

Final Thoughts

The Anker Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth speaker is one of the best all-purpose Bluetooth speakers money can buy. It lacks a distinguishing feature but excels at almost everything that matters. Competing speakers may be more durable, louder, sound better, or portable, but none provide a more complete package than Anker’s Soundcore Motion+.

The Soundcore Motion+ achieves a lot despite its small size. It is appealing because it can charge your devices, withstand splashes, and play music well. It may appear unremarkable at first glance, but it offers nearly everything you could want in a wireless speaker for casual music listening.


How does the Anker Soundcore Motion+ stack against the Motion X600 and X500?

The Anker Soundcore Motion X500 and Motion X600 are newer speakers with upward-firing speakers that simulate spatial audio. LDAC support is also included for higher-resolution Bluetooth streaming.  If sound quality is essential, consider the X600 or X500 instead of the Motion+.

How do I connect two Anker Soundcore Motion+ speakers?

To pair two Motion+ speakers, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on both speakers first. 
  2. Then, simultaneously press the Bluetooth button on both speakers for 5-8 seconds or until the Bluetooth light flashes white.
  3. Wait a few seconds for the speakers to pair together after you release the Bluetooth button.
  4. You are ready to go once you have established a connection.

Is the Anker Motion Plus waterproof?

The fully watertight casing creates an impenetrable barrier against liquids.  12-hour playtime: Motion+’s built-in 6,700 mAh battery allows you to soundtrack wild weekends, cozy evenings, or long summer days outside effortlessly.