4 Best Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio 2024

Sometimes we want to listen to a broadcast on FM, and sometimes we would like to enjoy music from our playlist. Isn’t it great to have a single device to switch between FM radio and Bluetooth when needed? 

Well, this is what a Bluetooth speaker with FM can do. They have different stations like FM radio and can connect to your phone through Bluetooth.

If you plan to buy a Bluetooth speaker with an FM radio, you have a lot of choices in the market. All you need to do is to select the best one for you. The selection may vary according to your sound requirements. 

Are you also looking for the Best Bluetooth speaker with FM radio? Look no further. We are here with the list of top 4 Best Bluetooth speakers with FM radio. 

Let’s get straight into our top recommendations:

1-Xeneo X21

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  • Integrated microphone for phone calls
  • Dual bass radiators and 15W of output
  • Aux in, Bluetooth 4.2, and up to 32GB of micro SD inputs are available.
  • Stereo surround sound pairing via two wireless devices 
  • Both water- and shock-resistant

  • FM with auto channel search
  • Mega bass
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Weak FM signals

Why did we choose this?

Because of its exceptional features, the Xeneo X21 is on the top list of Best Bluetooth speaker with FM radio. It is a small, portable, and compact speaker. The speaker has dual functionality because it supports both FM and Bluetooth.

Additionally, the speaker has Mega bass. The balanced design of X21 ensures clear audio throughout the space. Also, it comes with a clear voice and premium audio quality.

Also, this Xeneo Bluetooth speaker supports 87.5 to 108MHz frequency. It has 15-watt output and double bass radiators. This Xeneo product provides a 4.2 Bluetooth kit with a 100-foot connectivity range.

Besides, these amazing features the outer shell of X21 is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. The outer layer is harder to provide the necessary protection for the speaker. The deep bass and clear sound projection, make it perfect for your outdoor gatherings.

However, X21 has weak FM signals. But still, it has a wide connectivity range, reliability, and durability. Also, up to 10 hours of battery life of this speaker is enough to choose it among other competitors.

2-Avantree SP850

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  • Multipurpose radio speaker
  • Channels can be found both automatically and manually.
  • Incredible audio with six equalizer modes
  • Incredibly portable style

  • Auto-scan functions
  • Perfect portable design
  • Multiple inputs
  • No AM station

Why did we choose this?

While discussing speakers and sounds, ignoring the Avantree series is impossible. As always, Avantree SP850 has an innovative design with Bluetooth and FM radio compatibility.

Sp850 comes with a perfect portable design. It is so small and lightweight that it can even fit in your pocket, making it the best portable speaker. Also, the sound quality is clear and deep.

Avantree P850 has an innovative auto-scan function for the radio to find your favorite channels conveniently. Similarly, it supports multiple input options, including USB, micro USB, and SD card.

Although, it cannot catch weak signals. But the voice quality is good enough. Also, it offers 3 modes, Bluetooth, SD card, or FM radio to enjoy music of your own choice. It also has a wrist strap to hang it on your bag.

Finally, the downfall is that the battery life is poor, as it continues to decrease even when the speaker is off. But the ultra-portable design makes it a top choice for anyone looking for the best Bluetooth speaker with FM radio.

 3-Lezii portable Bluetooth speaker

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  • 12 hours of continuous playback on a single charge at a volume of 70%
  • 5W power amplifier and subwoofer driver
  • Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity
  • Extra 3.5 mm aux-in 
  • Up to three feet of water resistance with an IPX7 rating.
  • Finest waterproof speaker
  • Stand-in antenna
  • Budget-friendly
  • Tricky to handle

Why did we choose this?

If you are looking for the finest waterproof speaker with FM radio, then Lezii is our top choice. Because it can stay in water for up to 30 minutes without damaging the machinery.

The speaker has a crystal clear vohas-watt subwoofers. Lezii has a long battery life that lasts up to 12 hours. It comes with 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in FM radio.

Lezii portable has an innovative stand-in antenna. The speaker comes with great connectivity and affordability. Well, for beginners, it may be a bit tricky to handle.

The Lezii speaker has a deep bass that is perfect for outdoor use. If you are willing to take your speaker on your outdoor adventure, buying Lezii is a perfect choice.

Additionally, it has 3.5 mm aux-in and micro SD card inputs. So you’ll listen to music or your favorite podcasts anytime, anywhere. The amplifiers are also great for indoor or outdoor sound requirements.

Finally, the downfall is that the switch system of Lezii is a bit complex. Also, high notes are much clearer, but low notes are sometimes lost. Even so, the cool, innovative loop and easy pairing with laptops while using it as a speaker make it a good fit for you.

4-JBL tuner FM


  • Clear and powerful sound 
  • Playtime of up to 15 hours
  • Bluetooth streaming wireless
  • Home audio with crystal clarity

  • Portable
  • Built-in FM
  • Adjustment buttons
  • Small battery time

Why did we choose this?

JBL tuner FM is a Bluetooth-enabled FM speaker. It comes with a 4.1 Bluetooth version, with quite a fine connectivity range. The best is that the speaker has 5 buttons for FM adjustment.

The built-in FM enables the users to enjoy local stations anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection. Also, the speaker has great sound quality and crystal-clear audio.

The JBL speaker has up to 8 hours of battery life, which is a bit small compared to others in this list. Also, it takes 3.5 hours to charge completely. But overall, the design is compact, cool, and portable. 

If you want more FM radio features in a Bluetooth speaker the JBL tuner FM is a perfect fit.


Despite the fact that wireless speakers without radio are more difficult to find, the best Bluetooth speakers with FM radio are. However, there are still many choices available.

Do not choose Bluetooth speakers for your use solely based on appearance when you are buying them. Decide how and when you want to use them in place of doing this. Do you want to use them exclusively for listening to music at home or just with your mobile device while you are on the go?

The kind of speakers you require and how convenient it is to transport them will depend on these variables.


Can Bluetooth speakers be used with FM radio?

Modern technology is developing more quickly, so Bluetooth speakers now include FM tuners. Another feature of smartphones is an FM radio player. If your phone does not already have FM radio, you can download an external application; for iOS, go to the Apple App Store, while for Android, go to the PlayStore.

Which FM is the Bluetooth version?

We have found that the lowest frequencies, which are typically between 88 and 95 FM, perform the best because they are frequently the least saturated. You should not hear any sound after connecting the adapter to this empty station, indicating that you are connected.

Do Bluetooth speakers ever include FM radio?

The Xeneo X21 is a powerful Bluetooth speaker that is constructed similarly to the well-known JBL Charge and Flip lines. The only model that supports FM radio between the frequencies of 87.5 and 108 MHz is this one, allowing you to switch between FM radio and Bluetooth wireless audio streaming.

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