Bose Portable Smart Speaker Review 2024

Looking for a portable speaker is a drawn-out speculation. Especially when we have more than enough options. Nowadays, various companies are offering different speakers. Each has its own specifications. Some speakers are portable, while others are heavy. Some speakers are wired, while others are wireless. 

Are you looking for a Bluetooth speaker with ultimate portability and loudness? Look no further because we have a solid recommendation for you. We recently tested the Bose Portable Smart Speaker, which meets our sound requirements perfectly. 

Let’s get straight into the world of Bose and explore more about Bose Portable Smart:

Bose Portable Smart Speaker- Best Portable Speaker

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Bose Portable Smart is a dynamic Bluetooth speaker with striking bass and clear vocals. Moreover, the app compatibility and connectivity make it one of the best smart speakers. You will get a matchless experience with a sleek appearance and loudness to rock up your gatherings. Let’s dive deeply into the features of the Bose Portable Smart speaker.

The Bose Portable Smart Speaker performs admirably and has remarkable bass for a tiny speaker. Its water-resistant construction allows you to carry it everywhere you go, including outside for a picnic. Both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are integrated so that you can select the virtual assistant of your choice. However, there are few streaming services to choose from, and it is pricey. Also, depending on where you live in the world, you may not have complete access to all smart features.

Bose Portable Smart Speaker Specs

  • Weight:                           1.06kg 
  • Dimensions:                    191.5 x 119 x 104mm 
  • Bluetooth Version:         4.2
  • Waterproof:                    Yes (IPx4 rating) 
  • App compatibility:         Bose Music app 
  • Type:                               Outdoor, Wireless speaker
  • Unique design
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Easy set-up
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible
  • Expensive
  • Lacks low bass

All You Need to Know About Bose Portable Smart Speaker

Here are some basic features to consider before buying a Bluetooth speaker:

  • Sound Quality

The first thing to check before buying a Bluetooth speaker is its sound system. Bose Portable Smart comes with satisfying audio technology. The sound is balanced, and the vocals and instrument’s tone is clear and smooth.

The speaker may be expensive, but the premium sound quality and thunder bass compensate for the pricing. We tested by listening to a rock n roll and were amazed at the quality. The guitar and drum’s loud sound and clear tone fill the space. 

However, at a point, I noticed a slight distortion while lowering the bass. But the overall experience with smooth lows and intense highs makes it the best portable speaker. Bose Portable Smart is an excellent speaker for home theaters and small gatherings. 

  • Design and Appearance

The Bose Portable smart speaker is a premium Bluetooth speaker with a cool appearance and innovative features. The speaker is gaining popularity because of its unique cylindrical design. Portable Smart is designed in such a way as to assure safe placement on any surface. With the compact dimensions, you’ll not find it bulky. 

This 7.5-inch smart speaker is a perfect choice for all music lovers with an aesthetic design taste. Bose Portable Smart is available in Triple black and luxe silver colors to match your lounge themes perfectly.

  • Durability and Portability

You will always find Bose Sound systems durable and weather-resistant. The same goes for the case of Bose Portable Smart. The overall speaker is made of plastic, while the bottom has an aluminum grill casing. The upper part is rugged, while the lower is porous to ensure a clear, loud sound. 

Moreover, the speaker has an IPX4 water-resistant rating. This feature makes it the best choice for outdoor adventures, as it resists splash and sprays. Overall, you will feel a soft, smooth surface with a rugged finish and durable hand strap.

Bose Portable Smart is an ultimate portable speaker with a 1kg weight and a handle for convenient carrying. Its lightweight and convenient carrying allows it to be used for outdoor and indoor parties. 

  • Built-in Microphone and App Connectivity

Bose Portable Smart Speaker comes with a voice assistant and voice activation feature. Also, it has a microphone mute option. The Alexa app and Google Assistant compatibilities allow you to control voice commands. All you need is Wi-Fi to control your Bose Smart Speaker. 

My inner music lover craves app compatibility and control. That is why I prefer Bose because of its extra control options. This incredible speaker has physical volume buttons, play and pause, and more control. So, you have two command options: voice and physical touch. Besides physical control buttons, there are small LEDs to light up in the dark.

Additionally, you will get the Bose Music app, iOS, Android, and EQ compatibilities. The speaker supports stereo pairing for entertaining larger crowds. 

  • Pricing and Availability

Bose Portable Smart is known for its unique design and innovative features. This amazing speaker is so popular that you can easily get it at Amazon, Walmart, and the Official site of Bose.

The current price of this rugged speaker is only $399. But nowadays, you can order it at a discounted price of only $349 at Amazon.

Bose Portable Smart is a pure wireless speaker. It didn’t have any wired options. You can connect it via your device’s Bluetooth or Home Wi-Fi. The speaker uses a 4.2 Bluetooth kit, which is a bit outdated. However, the wireless has a 334 feet-matchless connectivity range.

Why Should We Buy Bose Portable Smart Speaker?

The Bose Portable Smart Speaker is the best choice for all those looking for a small, portable speaker with an open budget. It comes with a loud 360-degree multi-dimensional sound. The built quality is quite satisfying, with a sleek appearance and rugged finish. 

The only drawback is its limited battery life. Yes, you guessed right, the speaker has only 5.3 hours of battery life. But overall sound quality, app compatibility, and cool design compensate for it. 


Although it was not the company’s first outdoor speaker, the Bose Portable Home Speaker proves it: it combines a stunning, minimalist design with weatherproof durability and lightweight construction that makes it easy to listen to music on the go. The cherry on top of the portability cake is having that bucket-like handle instead of the Sonos Move’s concave finger grip. 

We like the flexibility of having both Google Assistant and Alexa built-in, and the connectivity, battery life, and smart features are all good.  

It sounds great, with a well-balanced, resonant soundstage, especially compared to many other less expensive portable speakers. We have no problem endorsing the Bose Portable Home Speaker because it is the undisputed champion in terms of sheer portability. 


Is the Bose portable speaker good?

Bose is a well-known brand with a wide range of speakers; depending on your listening habits, you may prefer one over the others.  They manufacture high-quality Bluetooth speakers that are equipped with built-in voice assistant support and have a neutral, well-balanced sound right out of the box.

What is the lifespan of a portable Bose speaker?

The Portable Smart Speaker’s battery life is contingent upon the kind of music being played and the volume level reached, although it can endure up to 12 hours when playing music at a high decibel level. It will last over 24 hours in standby mode, listening for voice commands.

Does Bose have water resistance?

All Bose outdoor speakers, however, are designed to withstand water, and the new SoundLink Flex is one of the strongest models. You can enjoy worry-free outdoor listening in all seasons when you have one of these with you.

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