Edifier S350db vs S360db | which is best?

Lets see Edifier S350db vs S360db” For bookshelf speakers with good sound and sturdy construction in small containers, Edifier is a well-known brand. To determine which model suits your needs, we’ll compare the Edifier S360DB and S350DB, two popular versions.

The ideal size of the Edifier S350DB makes it simple to integrate it into various PC and home theatre systems. It has a wide range of connection capabilities. The Edifier S360DB, on the other hand, is a step up from the S350DB, which means it has greater power and a balanced sound even at high levels.

Let’s see how these two Edifier speakers now stack up against one another.

Edifier S350DB: Introduction

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The S350DBs are substantial and potent bookshelf boomers that can significantly improve your home computer or entertainment setup at a reasonable cost. The speaker system is believed to be a small bookshelf box with added bass.

Since high-end best Bluetooth bookshelf speakers have high criteria, the crossover on the 2.1 speakers of this generation has been carefully engineered. The Edifier S350DB is a great 2.1 speaker setup for your home theatre or computer area.

The audio system is meant to produce incredibly clear highs and a bass that you can feel. Furthermore, the speakers are the perfect size to put on a bookshelf. Nevertheless, the set looks nice.

You can anticipate a significant improvement to your home entertainment system because of the exceptional build quality.

Key Specifications

  • Noise ratio: 80DB
  • Power output: 70W
  • Frequency response: 160HZ-20KHZ
  • Bluetooth, Coaxial, AUX and Optical connectivity
  • Item weight: 19.1Kg
  • Item dimensions: 5*8.7*11.7 inches

Key Attributes


With fully functional bookshelf speakers, the S350DB is a 2.1 system. This model includes two speakers and a sizable subwoofer to increase your sound output. A stunning wooden finish is present on the speakers and the subwoofer, which goes well with your interior design.

Overall, the audio and video quality is excellent, making this a perfect system for anyone looking to bolster their home theatre setup. The red maple PVC skin that covers the MDF board of the S350DB satellite box serves as decoration.

It appears to be a solid dark crimson from a distance, but closer inspection reveals the wood grain. Simply put, S350DB can exhibit its distinctive temperament whether you want retro or straightforward modern architecture.

A 3/4-inch titanium tweeter and an aluminum diaphragm mid-woofer are used in the Edifier S350DB. The diaphragm can drive a larger air volume because of the long-stroke design, which improves the perception of volume.

This speaker also uses a cast aluminum basin stand. The subwoofer has a stylish, understated, and elegant design. Although it resembles a cube, the design negatively impacts sound quality because standing waves can easily build inside the box.


You may switch between control playback and several inputs from the comfort of your seat using the provided remote control. Choose between PC, coaxial, optical, and auxiliary inputs and toggle on/off Bluetooth using the remote control.

The volume may also be changed, and the remote can turn the speakers on or off. The system’s control panel is located inside the right-side speaker. These knobs allow the user to manage the speaker system’s volume, bass, and treble.

A LED light on the panel can also be used to check the functionality of your 2.1 system. This Edifier set includes what you need to hear the highs clearly and with great stereo separation. Its titanium dome tweeters achieve a superb balance between the lows and the highs, which provides a completely immersive experience.

Furthermore, made for larger power levels for high frequencies that sound authentic, these tweeters are equipped to handle them.


The S350DB satellite box and subwoofer have a crossover frequency of roughly 120-150Hz. The low frequency will be impacted if it is too low for the satellite box. The sensation of the direction of low frequencies at this band’s crossover point is difficult to detect.

The convenience it brings to the subwoofer’s construction is due to the satellite box’s ability to give strong and hefty midrange support. Many bass instruments’ base range falls inside the mid-frequency region.

Polishing and completing the frequency band are done at frequencies below 150 Hz. The S350DB’s low-frequency approach is more entertainment-focused, with a low-frequency sense of volume, flexibility, and a gentle but not drowsy, enveloping feel.

Sound Quality

The tweeter of the S350DB has a 3/4-inch titanium diaphragm. The titanium diaphragm tweeter’s distinctively acute listening experience must be purposefully displayed. Rather, it has been limited to a certain level to reduce the burr-like sensation that metal tweeters are prone to. However, some resolution will be lost. As a result, the high-frequency performance will be lighter and brighter.

The dynamic performance, particularly the transient performance, is like a standard metal diaphragm. The treble does not sound flat; it expresses the sound of stringed instruments, even a small silk diaphragm.

There are two bass gain settings on the S350DB. You can reduce the high-frequency gain to get a stronger sense of metal.


The Edifier S350DB speakers will cost you only for $399. If you have a low budget, buying Edifier S350DB is a better option than S360DB.

  • High volume output
  • Several connectivity options
  • Affordable
  • Easy to setup
  • Effective bass
  • High-end build quality
  • Comes with rubber feet
  • Don’t include bass and treble controls
  • Average power output

Edifier S360DB: Introduction

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Good sound quality, a potent subwoofer, and several connecting choices are all features of the Edifier S360DB. Edifier S360DB is an improved model of Edifier S350DB. Like its predecessor, the S360DB’s primary components are a subwoofer and two bookshelf speakers.

Anybody seeking a home theatre with excellent build quality and sound should consider this set. A power 2.1 speaker system with outstanding audio performance, connection, and design is the Edifier S360DB.

The earlier S350DB boasts several upgrades, including better cable management and a wireless subwoofer. Anybody seeking a high-end, potent, adaptable speaker system should choose the Edifier S360DB.

Key Specifications

  • Bluetooth, Coaxial, PC and AUXconnectivity
  • 155W power
  • Bass unit driver
  • Planar diaphragm tweeter unit
  • 60HZ-40KHZ: frequency response
  • Noise ratio: 85DB
  • 2-Way speaker configuration
  • 75W: amplifier power rating

Key Attributes


The Edifier S360DB is a 2.1-channel speaker system for small to medium-sized spaces that deliver high-quality audio. It has a sleek and contemporary wood finish appearance. In this upgraded model, performance, build quality, and connectivity have all been enhanced over its predecessor, the S350DB.

Although the front cover is plastic, the titanium dome tweeters, with their screws and more aggressive style, give the speakers a distinctive blend of industrial, modern, and nostalgic appearance. This is an expensive option for desktop or studio speakers that perform well in clarity and bass.

The Edifier S360DB is a fantastic option for anyone seeking a high-quality speaker system that can be used for audio monitoring, music listening, gaming, or watching entertainment.

The enclosures are built of premium MDF wood, even though the front of the speakers is made of hard plastic. Since this wood is naturally non-resonant, it helps lessen cabinet resonance to ensure the audio is clean and distortion-free.

Also, the speakers’ vintage vinyl finish gives them a contemporary appearance and indicates a well-designed setup.


The S360DB enables Bluetooth V4.1 with aptX decoding for communication with other devices. This technology compresses and decompresses audio as it moves between devices to prevent quality loss.

The S360DB’s inputs, which include AUX, PC, coaxial, and optical, let you connect various audio sources in addition to Bluetooth. A power switch and an immovable power cord are located to the right of each other on the bottom left side of the right speaker, where you can shut off the system entirely.

Regrettably, the speaker’s power line is integrated into the unit, making any damage more challenging to fix or replace. In contrast to the left satellite, the Edifier logo is displayed in place of the information display on the right of the right speaker.

The left speaker lacks controls, or other connectivity save the Speaker Input on the back. The left and right speakers are visually identical to those variations. The Bluetooth onboard the Edifier S360DB has been updated to V4.1 and still supports aptX. The NFC is still absent, though, in this version.


An 8-inch subwoofer is a feature of the Edifier S360DB that produces deep, earth-shattering bass. S360DB’s subwoofer unit allows wireless communication, unlike S350DB, which has most inputs going into the subwoofer.

One of the surround speakers contains all additional connectivity choices. This configuration is perfect for those who prefer to keep things tidy and don’t want to deal with the headache of a wired sub. Adding these tweeters to the S360DB model by Edifier is one of the biggest improvements.

The clarity of the highs produced by planar tweeters, which have a very high sensitivity compared to conventional dome tweeters, can elevate the sound quality of your speaker system to a new level. Moreover, these speakers have 4-inch aluminum drivers in the mid-range to deliver a clear sound.

Sound Quality

The audio spectrum is of excellent quality. The highs, which struggle slightly on the default settings, can be adjusted using the knob. The bass is terrific, the mids are great, and the highs are wonderful.

These speakers have a fairly wide frequency range, allowing consumers to adjust it to the sound that best suits their ears. The wireless subwoofer makes managing cables much more, well, manageable.

The S360DB is an excellent purchase if you plan to use it for a sizable region. Keep using the S350DB if you want to set up a PC. The frequency response range of the speakers is between 60Hz and 20kHz, and that of the subwoofer is between 40Hz and 150Hz.

This is the basis for providing a dynamic power supply for each frequency range. The S360DB is indeed powerful enough to cover even 1000 square easily. Setting the bass and treble between 0 and -2 will help you achieve a more well-balanced sound.


The Edifier S360DB is a more pricey and premium option with a suggested retail price of $500. Several 2.1 speaker systems may be purchased for less than $100, but they often have fewer functions and inferior audio quality, mostly because of their smaller size and weaker drivers.

  • Comes with volume, bass and treble knobs
  • Sleek and high-end construction
  • Comes with a detailed manual guide
  • Includes a wireless subwoofer
  • Multiple input options for audio
  • Wireless remote-control option
  • Expensive
  • Average power output relatively to its price

Edifier S350DB Vs. Edifier S360DB : Comparison Table

SpecificationsEdifier S350DBEdifier S360DB
Amp Power Rating80W80W
DriversMid-woofer, Dome tweeterMid-Woofer, Planner Diaphragm tweeter
Enclosure typeBass reflexBass reflex
Frequency response160HZ-20Khz60HZ-40 Khz
Driver size8 inches8.66 inches
Item weight31lbs33lbs
Cabinet MaterialNot specifiedMDF
Total power output150 Watt155 Watt

Edifier S350DB Vs. Edifier S360DB :Which Is Best?

The S-series bookshelf speakers from Edifier are well-known in the market and are of the finest value. Edifier S350DB and S360DB have many characteristics in common but differ in a few ways.

Both allow you to connect to other devices through Bluetooth and various inputs, giving you the most flexible and powerful sound options. The S360DB is now one of the greatest 2.1 audio systems available, thanks to various improvements that Edifier has added.

Its wireless subwoofer is the best feature that distinguishes it from the S350DB. Combining this with the S360DB’s exceptional build quality and features fully demonstrates why it is worth considering.


Before purchasing, you should carefully consider your use case, as many Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers offer more functionality, better sound quality, and greater value. Hopefully, You will love the speakers we reviewed!

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