JBL Flip 5 vs JBL Flip 6 Specs | Complete Overview

Regarding the audio industry and Bluetooth speakers, JBL is a top-performing company. Moreover, the JBL Flip series comes with the best Bluetooth speaker. All the devices from JBL have innovative features and premium quality. 

But the JBL Flip line creates a nuance in speaker selection. These dynamic Bluetooth speakers are famous for their durability, portability, and sound quality. They are exceptionally lightweight and can fit in your bag’s side pocket. 

We have a detailed analysis of JBL Flip 5 vs JBL Flip 6. Let’s go deep into the world of the Flip series.

Quick Comparison: JBL Flip 5 vs JBL Flip 6 Specs

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Buying the latest Flip5 or Flip6 is the ultimate treat for music lovers. Are you confused to select between JBL Flip 5 vs JBL Flip 6? Look no further. We have tested both of them. Each has its specifications and features. All you have to do is to find the best fit for you.

Let’s explore more about them and see which impresses you:

JBL Flip 5

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JBL Flip 5 is one of the best affordable Bluetooth speakers. The speaker is well-known among its competitors because of the mega bass and clear vocals. This dynamic Bluetooth speaker has multiple color options, a sleek appearance, and a compact design.

For all those looking for a despicable speaker with better sound quality, this flip5 is the prime choice.


  • Weight:                     0.5kg
  • Bluetooth kit:           4.2
  • Color:                       Multiple color variations
  • Amazon rating:       4.8

Prominent Features

1-Looks and Design

JBL Flip 5 has a compact, sleek design. It has a cylindrical shape and a JBL minimal logo on the front. The speaker is available in multiple color options, offering more than 14 colors. 

Moreover, it comes with a hand strap for convenient hanging. The flip 5 can be placed horizontally or vertically. But due to the rough ends, it didn’t stand. 

2-Sound Performance

A speaker is all about sound quality. JBL Flip 5 has amazing sound quality with balanced bass. Whether you play a rock n roll or a classic song, the audio quality is clear and compact. It has great sound quality, but is it better than Flip 6’s sound? 

3-Material Quality

JBL Company uses satisfying materials to manufacture their Bluetooth speakers. The material quality of the JBL Flip 5 is great. The speaker is highly durable. Flip 5 is the ultimate lightweight speaker with only 0.5kg weight, making it ultra-portable and adjustable.

Additionally, Flip 5 has IPX7 waterproof sensors, making it the best fit for outdoor and pool parties. However, it doesn’t have any dustproof features.

4-Connectivity and Battery Life

JBL Flip 5 has a distortion-free connection. The wireless speaker uses a 4.2 Bluetooth kit, which is a bit older. But anyhow, you’ll never find any connectivity issues.

During testing, we discovered that JBL Flip 5 has a low battery life of only 12 hours. Well, considering the pricing, this battery life feels just fine.

5-Voice Assistance and App compatibility

Flip 5 doesn’t have Google or Alexa compatibility. But it comes with the JBL part app. This is also compatible with stereo and party mode. Additionally, Flip 5 is Android-compatible.

  • IPX7 water resistance
  • Ultraportable
  • Affordable
  • No 3.5mm input

JBL Flip 6

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JBL Flip 6 is the successor of Flip 5. The speaker has more advanced features. It is famous for its loud sound and monster bass. Moreover, it offers clearer vocals and lyrics. Well, it is pricy, but the cool design and innovative features compensate for the price. If we compare JBL Flip 5 vs JBL Flip 6, the Flip 6 is the ultimate winner.

For all those looking for a premium speaker without considering the price, Flip 6 is the best choice.


  • Weight:                            0.5kg
  • Bluetooth kit:                  5.1
  • Color:                               Multi-color variations
  • Amazon rating:               4.7

Prominent Features

1-Looks and Design

JBL Flip 6 is a cool Bluetooth speaker with aesthetic looks. It has the same design and front logo as Flip 5. The wrist strap of Flip 6 is more stylish with a continuous loop. Compared to Flip 5, Flip 6 can stand thanks to the rubber ends. Flip 6 also comes in a variety of 16 different colors. 

If we talk about looks, JBL Flip 6 is the ultimate winner.

2-Sound Performance

During testing of Flip 6, we realized that it is way better than its predecessor. It has an extra 10-watt subwoofer for extremely loud sounds. The speaker has an amazingly loud sound and a mega bass. 

The thing that mesmerizes us the most is the clear high and low notes. Moreover, you can never get a distorted sound, no matter how loud it goes. 

Comparing the sound quality between JBL Flip5 vs. JBL Flip6, the Flip 6 is the winner.

3-Material Quality

Flip 6 is a highly durable Bluetooth speaker with premium manufacturing material. The speaker is lightweight with only 0.5kg weight. Technically, Flip6 has 1 lbs. more weight compared to Flip 5. 

JBL Flip 6 has waterproof and dustproof features, making it the top choice for outdoor adventures.

Both JBL Flip5 and JBL Flip6 have amazing material quality. But to be more specific, the dustproof feature of Flip 6 makes it an ultimate winner.

4-Connectivity and Battery Life

Flip 6 comes with an innovative connectivity option. The speaker uses the latest 5.1 Bluetooth connectivity kit. The battery life of JBL Flip 6 is 12 hours, which is quite high compared to its pricing.

If we talk about Bluetooth, Flip 6 is the champion. 

Considering battery life, both are the same. But we will consider Flip5 the winner because it offers the same battery life at low prices.

5-Voice Assistance and App compatibility

Like Flip5, flip6 has no compatibility with Google or Alexa apps. But it has a JBL part app and is also Android-compatible. The speaker also comes with Party and stereo modes to level up your house party. Additionally, Flip 6 is EQ compatible.

If we talk about app compatibility, Flip 6 wins the game.

  • Clear high and low notes
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • 5.1 Bluetooth kit
  • A bit pricy

Which one is better?

The JBL Flip 5 and JBL Flip 6 are both excellent Bluetooth speakers for the money. You will get a great sound from both, and the differences are hardly audible when compared. However, because of its stronger audio output and wider range of customization options, I favor the Flip 6. If you have to choose between the two, the Flip 6 is the obvious choice, especially since they both have the same MSRP. In either case, JBL’s Flip line will provide a loud, clear Bluetooth speaker.


The JBL Flip 6 is the undisputed winner in our eyes. Because the EQ can be adjusted within the app, it sounds better and is more adaptable. It does not cost much more, either, and expands its capabilities by adding dust-proofing and Bluetooth 5.

The one disadvantage is that its sonic profile is so clear that it tends to reveal any flaws in the source material. If you are working with poor music files, this is just something to remember.

The Flip 5 is nevertheless a fantastic purchase. It is a great option if your budget stays within the Flip 6. It is dependable, beautiful to listen to, and now more affordable than ever.


Flip 6: Is it loud enough?

You can customize the Flip 6’s sound using the graphic EQ in its companion app, and it can go more audible than the Clip 4 and have a better-balanced out-of-the-box sound profile with a more extended low bass.

What distinguishes the JBL Charge 5 from the Flip 6?

The Flip 6 is more portable than the Charge 5 due to its smaller size and removable carrying strap, but the Charge 5 can get slightly louder and produce a more extended low-bass out of the box and has a much longer battery life, depending on your usage.

How long is the JBL Flip 5 good for?

With the JBL Flip 5, JBL promises 12 hours of continuous playback. In our testing, we got 9 hours and 27 minutes, which is certainly not bad but falls just short of the promised 12 hours. That is still more than enough for a fulfilling day hike or a typical beach day.

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