Klipsch R-41PM vs R-51PM | Which Is Best?

Klipsch wanted to recreate the experience of a live performance in the home. His inventiveness, artistry, and persistent labor under a tin shed resulted in a speaker superior to all others at the time.

Every speaker Klipsch makes now, including the two powered bookshelf speakers we’re discussing, still uses the same horn-loaded technology. This study will contrast the Klipsch Being Powered R-51PM and R-41PM Powered Bookshelf Speakers.

In contrast to the powered speakers R-51M and R-41PM are both passive bookshelf speakers. The powered ones work nicely with PCs and are frequently used without any receiver.

You don’t need an integrated or external power amplifier to power them because they both have built-in amplifiers. Before a more thorough comparison, let’s look at the key characteristics of the Klipsch R-51PM and Klipsch R-41PM.

Klipsch R-41PM: Introduction

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The R-41PM has a patented Tractrix horn with an opening construction and a 1-inch aluminum diaphragm driver. The 24-kHz high-frequency extension is possible. A 4-inch driver unit and Klipsch’s patented technology are used in the mid-bass section.

The IMG diaphragm, which contains graphite, is extremely tough and capable of reducing distortion. Klipsch still embraces innovation with vigor. So long as you get this set of speakers, you can start listening to music immediately.

It is simpler to enjoy the music because an amplifier is unnecessary, saving money and space. The R-41PM is an excellent desktop or smaller space option. The 4″ copper spun woofer and new 1″ dome tweeter from Tractrix is also used in the R-41PM.

Once more, the R-41PM produces more production in the end than the R-14. The upgraded cabinet and redesigned tweeter design allow Klipsch to get even more output from this new series.

Key Specifications

  • 2-Way speaker type
  • 35 W continuous power handling
  • 240 W peak power handling
  • 5db maximum output
  • 4-inches woofer size
  • 6*8*11 inches: Items dimensions
  • 1lbs weight
  • Back ported

Key Attributes


The 2-way Klipsch R-41PM loudspeaker system. It is not tiny, but it is smaller than most bookshelf speakers. It can be set up on the desk as a desktop music system and in the living area as a standard 2-channel speaker.

The use of this speaker is quite flexible in addition to being simple to set up. Set the passive speaker perfectly on the left channel and the primary speaker precisely on the right. Next, connect any speaker cord to these two. Next, finish up by connecting the correct channel to the power source.

The R-41PM design features include two single bass reflex ports and two two-way channels. It has a 1 LTS 1-inch tweeter with an aluminum diaphragm. Linear Travel Suspension is its full name. According to Klipsch, this design successfully lowers distortion and enhances high-frequency details.

The Klipsch 90° by 90° proprietary Tractrix horn surrounds the tweeter, enabling a high-frequency extension of up to 24kHz. The mid-bass driver is 4 inches long and bronze in color. The diaphragm also utilizes Klipsch’s renowned technology.

Lightweight and high rigidity, which can lessen the influence of distortion, are the distinguishing characteristics of the IMG diaphragm made of graphite.


The R-41PM is very basic and straightforward to set up. So, this Klipsch speaker is a good choice for individuals who want to avoid dealing with setup issues or anything else immediately. Also, using a different USB cable lets you quickly connect it to your laptop and play music. Not only do all of these appear simple, but they are also simple to carry out.

The sense of energy may still be lacking for individuals who enjoy extra low-frequency, even though the strength is significantly better than long-distance listening. In any case, it’s irrelevant! A subwoofer can be added without restriction with the R-41P, a benefit.


There are numerous input possibilities available. You can connect digital streamers and other equipment using USB type B and optical inputs, which both support digital input and Bluetooth wireless transmission.

Turn to the main speaker of the Klipsch R-41PM Powered Monitor Speakers. There are numerous input terminals visible. There are two kinds of digital input: optical fiber input and USB Type-B input.

You can connect directly to a computer or the optical fiber input to connect a digital streamer or TV using a USB cable. The powered bookshelf R-41PM speaker has a smaller cabinet and a 4″ woofer, making it difficult to deliver strong and deep bass frequencies.

The Klipsch R-41PM can connect an extra subwoofer to provide the user with an ideal frequency response. Klipsch offers a good selection of subwoofers, allowing customers to match their set with the appropriate one.

Frequency Ratio

The Klipsch R-41PM 2-Way Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers‘ cabinet is opulent and volume-restricted. The low-frequency performance needs to be improved in addition to the drive unit’s modest size.

The Klipsch includes a set of subwoofer outputs on the back panel to satisfy the user’s need for low frequency. You can choose whether to add a subwoofer to increase the bass’s power based on your actual needs.

You may configure a 2.1-channel system with one of the various active subwoofers available from Klipsch. You can easily configure a 2.1-channel system with Klipsch because many active subwoofers are currently available.

The frequency range of R-41PM is 76–21k Hz. Compared to the R-41PM, which has a minimum frequency of 76Hz, the R-51PM can dive much deeper on the low side and produce louder bass.


The average cost of Klipsch R-41PM bookshelf speakers is $399.

  • Dynamic and sleek design
  • Budget-friendly bookshelf speakers
  • Warm sound
  • Dynamic EQ bass
  • Good number of inputs
  • Don’t support High-Resistant MP3 codecs
  • Lack of depth because of simple design

Klipsch R-51PM: Introduction

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The R-51PM is a bigger bookshelf speaker. Each connection, as well as a built-in amplifier for both speakers, is on the right speaker. You only need to attach one speaker cable between the two speakers to get started playing!

To decrease the crossover and increase efficiency and maximum power output, Klipsch upgraded the tweeter on the new versions from a 34″ dome to a 1″ dome. The speakers have a Class-D amp and are powered by a single power cord, making them incredibly effective.

These speakers can become rather loud with little electricity. If you can’t find your remote, there is also a single volume knob or button that you can use to switch between sources on the speaker. It’s a terrific option for those who desire superior audio or who merely adore the appearance of bookshelf speakers.

Key Specifications

  • 2-Way powered bookshelf speakers
  • 60 W continuous power handling
  • 240 W maximum power handling
  • 3db maximum output
  • 25inches woofer size
  • 7*8.5*13 inches: item dimensions
  • 6lbs unit weight
  • Tractrix Horn: tweeter type
  • Copper spun: Woofer type

Key Attributes


The next Klipsch speaker is the R-51PM, which features horn tweeters and the company’s iconic copper-colored woofers. The loveliest feature is its Magnetic cloth covers that are also simple to replace and take off are available.

Furthermore, the speaker still produces a clear, unaltered sound whether the fabric covers are on or off the device. The Klipsch R-51PM has one right speaker that performs all of the duties of a master, much like contemporary speakers, specifically contemporary bookshelf speakers.

Moreover, it has a left speaker wired to the right speaker, meaning the R-51PM’s controls and inputs are all located behind the right speaker. The R-51PM has a USB connector for connecting to a PC, and it can support formats with a maximum bit rate of 24-bit/96kHz.

Other connections on the speaker include a 3.5mm aux input for turntables and a sub-output in case the customer wants to add a subwoofer. One power wire is the speaker’s R-51PM power source.

Moreover, it has a Class-D amp, which improves the speakers’ efficiency. Using extra power to make these speakers loud enough is also unnecessary.


The R-51PM speakers from Klipsch, renowned for their superior sound quality, deliver a rich, dramatic sound that leans somewhat warmer than usual. Rock and pop songs, therefore, sound fantastic and enjoyable without being overly cerebral.

But what surprised me more was how much bass these tiny speakers produced. The speakers deliver rich, powerful bass responses regardless of volume, thanks to the “Dynamic Bass EQ.” One of the greatest issues with bookshelf speakers’ bass response is resolved by doing this.

Music seemed bland at lower volume levels, and we lost the richness the EQ gave when the Dynamic Bass EQ was disabled. To moderate the bass, however, you should turn off the EQ if you plan to play these speakers loudly for an extended period.

Switching the EQ requires only holding a remote-control button for three seconds.


In addition to the optical input, the R-51PM includes two additional analog inputs: switchable phono. The R-51PM’s integrated amplifier puts out roughly 50 watts per channel, and according to the manufacturer, the speakers can go down to about 54 Hz.

It’s impressive how the Klipsch R-51PM keeps things organized by keeping the entire amp in just one speaker and connecting to the appropriate speaker with a speaker wire. The R-51PM, a smaller model, performs admirably in terms of sound quality and size.

A phono preamp is an interesting built-in feature of the R-51PM. As a result, if you connect a Basic turntable U-Turn orbit to it and play vinyl, the sound quality will be rather good. The sound will even be improved if you use the built-in Pluto preamp instead of the R-51PM’s phono preamp.

Vinyl lovers probably choose a better background, but the R-51PM is a decently powered monitor for casual listening.

Frequency Ratio

The frequency range of R-51PM is 68–21k Hz. The Klipsch R-51PM is sufficiently adaptable to go anyplace and sounds fantastic, especially as a TV speaker. The Klipsch R-51PM is an option for those who want to upgrade their audio setup.

The remotes have buttons for each source and a logical structure, so you don’t have to cycle through them as often. In addition, a little Light on the right speaker lets the user know which input is now selected.

This is a useful function, and you may disable it to turn off the annoying glare when viewing any movie or television program.


The average cost of Klipsch R-51PM bookshelf speakers is $499.

  • Easy to setup
  • User-friendly
  • High performance and sound quality
  • Solid build quality
  • Best for in-house parties
  • Produces harsh sound under some acoustic tones
  • Not affordable for all

Klipsch R-41PM Vs. Klipsch R-51PM: Comparison Table

SpecificationsKlipsch R-41PMKlipsch R-51PM
PortsBack- portedBack-ported
TweeterTractrix HornTractrix Horn
Woofer size4 inches5.25 inches
Max power Handling240 W240 W
WooferCopper spunCopper spun
Surface Area6”x 8”x11’’7”x 8.5”x13”
Noise ratio105.5db107.3db
Audio QualityHighImpressive
Crossover Frequency1.7KHZ1663 HZ
Frequency response76HZ-21kHZ68HZ-21kHZ
Enclosure TypeBass reflexBass reflex
Tweeter size1-inch1-inch
Cabinet materialMDFMDF

Klipsch R-41PM Vs. Klipsch R-51PM: Which Is Best?

The R-51PM is a complete speaker at a low price. You will undoubtedly prefer the Klipsch R-51PM speaker by a wide margin compared to other speakers in the same price range because it has flexible inputs and versatility.

Also, it sounds fantastic and can be turned up without distorting. Although the R-51PM lacks a Spotify connection or network connections, it would not be smart to expect more for the price. Last but not least, Klipsch R-41PM will make your experience more enjoyable.

In addition to being small and convenient, it is quick and easy to install. It is perfect for display on your desktop and will look lovely in every room of your home. Also, the audio performance is excellent and offers high-frequency power that is quiet, unobtrusive, and adequate.

You’ll enjoy the clear and compressed mid-frequency vocals. Its low-frequency performance is additionally clear and bright, even though it does not have sufficient strength. But a subwoofer is an option if you want the impact.

Hence, a pair of Klipsch R-41PM speakers will satisfy your needs if you’re a casual listener. Also, if you want more, pair this gadget with a subwoofer for better output.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Klipsch series is the best?

The new, premium Klipsch Reference speaker range delivers better sound quality, accuracy, clarity, and effortless power.

Are Klipsch R-41PM active or passive?

Klipsch R-41PM are passive bookshelf speakers. So, you need to attach an amplifier to these speakers.

Is Klipsch high end?

Yes! For more than 50 years, Klipsch has been a leader in the high-end speaker industry, and its products are renowned for their excellent sound, high quality, and dependability.Klipsch is a great option if you want to update your audio system.

How many watts is the Klipsch R 51PM?

Klipsch R-51PM has 120 W RMS and 240 W peak power handling.

Is Klipsch as good as Bose?

The soundstage and stereo frequency response are both larger on the Bose. Disappointingly, the Klipsch lacks low bass. It is also simple to update the Bose to the Bose Soundbar 700 with Speakers + Bass Module, which can increase its bass output.


Klipsch R-41PM and R-51PM both speakers are the best options if you prefer to listen to your music at louder volumes or need to fill a large room. Because of their many input options, they can function as the brain of your system even when a turntable is present.

If you’re a listener that enjoys a more direct, punchy sound, then you’ll adore these! Hopefully, it is now evident to you which Klipsch speaker, the R51PM or the R41PM, is superior for which kind of application.

Also, among these three bookshelf speakers, choosing the finest one for you is not easy.

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