Sonos One Sl Vs Sonos One – Which Is Best?

Lets see Sonos One Sl Vs Sonos One” Two of the greatest speakers are the Sonos One and Sonos One SL. However, what makes a difference? After all, every aspect of the two speakers—from their outward appearance to their audio quality—is comparable.

One specification does, however, differ between the two. The Sonos One is a smart speaker, but the Sonos One SL isn’t, which is the key distinction between the two. You should continue reading if you need clarification on what that implies or are seeking to determine if the Sonos One or the Sonos One SL is the best speaker for your Sonos setup.

We’ll discuss in detail how they stack up against one another.

Sonos One Sl

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The Sonos One SL is a Sonos One with no microphones. The Sonos One SL, which replaces the ceased Play:1, is for people who desire the Sonos One’s interior benefits and design. Initially, the Sonos One SL may appear to be an unusual addition to the Sonos product line. With the addition of the letter “SL,” the name is undoubtedly a little odd.

After giving it a little more thought, this tiny speaker makes perfect sense. Comparatively speaking to the other Sonos speakers, the Play:1 needed an upgrade, and not everyone wanted voice control or microphones built-in.

The SL is the best choice for those who wish to add two Sonos One speakers for surround sound to a Sonos Beam or Arc. The Sonos One SL is another excellent speaker from Sonos, even though it doesn’t have the same versatility as Roam. It shares the same internals and design as the Sonos One.

One that also satisfies the demands of those seeking a little bit more solitude.

Key Specifications

  • Color: white and black
  • Touch controls
  • Dimensions: 161.45 x 119.7 x 119.7mm
  • Weight: 1.85kg
  • Airplay 2
  • Bluetooth LE
  • Class-D digital amplifier
  • Tweeter
  • Woofer

Key Attributes


Except for the built-in voice control, the Sonos One SL has all the same features as the Sonos One. Similar to other Sonos speakers that lack built-in voice control, you can still manage it with a Google Assistant or Alexa-compatible device.

Because it lacks an integrated voice assistant, the One SL isn’t strictly a smart speaker. It’s a Sonos One for homeowners who don’t want Big Tech listening in on their conversations. The One SL can be used as theatre surrounds with an Arc or Beam for a surround system.

Since both the Beam and the Arc feature built-in smart assistants, the One SL may be ideal for some people. Additionally, the Sonos One SL includes Bluetooth Low Energy for a simple setup.

Additionally, it supports Apple’s AirPlay 2, which the Sonos One also supports, but the Play:1 doesn’t because it is an older model. Both bookshelf speakers come in black or white. The top of the device is the only apparent distinction between the two speakers.

Sound Quality

The Sonos One SL has two class-D amplifiers and shares the same audio architecture as the Sonos One. Similar to the Sonos One, the One SL provides powerful sound in a compact design. Compared to the larger Sonos Five, it doesn’t perform as well.

Rich bass levels are present, and the One SL handles treble just as effectively as the Play:1 did earlier. The overall balance leans more toward the bass side, but that’s okay – and if you’re not, you can change the EQ levels in the Sonos app.

Naturally, both versions of the One are ideal for pairing as stereos when used as bookshelf speakers. One and One SL speakers can be used in stereo combinations.

Additional Features

It’s interesting to note that both speakers may support various streaming providers. They are also Trueplay compatible, allowing the iOS device’s microphone to adjust to the user’s particular environment. A Google Assistant or Alexa-compatible device will allow you to use voice control on the One SL.

These speakers can only be used with a Wi-Fi network and the Sonos software, which works with Windows, macOS, Android, Apple, and Google platforms. In contrast to the Roam, Sonos Move, and SL, the Sonos SL One does not support Bluetooth. Apple AirPlay 2 is supported by the Sonos One SL and Sonos One.


Even though there isn’t much of a price difference between the two speakers, if you don’t need voice assistant compatibility, you could save $20 and use it elsewhere. The Sonos One SL costs $199 when ordered directly from Sonos.

  • Compatible design
  • Bookshelf speakers
  • Easy to setup
  • Excellent Sonos features
  • Best for cinema-surrounded environment
  • Support Airplay 2
  • Not affordable for all
  • No support for Bluetooth
  • Lack of portability
  • Odd series of Sonos

Sonos one

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The first Alexa speaker from Sonos is a well-built, feature-rich, and excellent-sounding gadget that combines the best aspects of both ecosystems. But the One is highly capable if you’re willing to pay the price premium over Amazon’s own Echo speaker.

For music, the Sonos One is adequate. Using its TruePlay room correction feature, just like other high-end speakers on the market, you may modify its output according to your room’s particular acoustics.

Only iOS-compatible devices can use it. This speaker is appropriate for listening to various musical genres because the voices and lead instruments are distinct and well-defined in the mix.

Key Specifications

  • 08lb. weight
  • Black and white colors
  • 4GB NV memory
  • Airplay 2
  • Class D-Digital amplifiers
  • Amazon Alexa voice assistant
  • Quad core CPU
  • 162 mm X 120 mm X 120 mm: Dimensions

Key Features


“Black” and “White” are the two color options for the speaker. According to Sonos, the difference between this version and the previous one is that the RAM has been increased, Bluetooth Low Energy has been added for first-speaker pairing, and a more potent and modern processor has been introduced.

Although the Sonos One’s design is largely inspired by the business’s current Play:1 smart speaker, the top of the device has a touch-sensitive surface that is much more streamlined than the Play:1’s three-volume and plays buttons.

While tapping in the middle of the surface plays and pauses your music, swiping right or left advances and reverses through your current playlist. Finally, the volume can be changed by tapping the left and right portions of the panel, respectively.

Although there are only a few controls, that has always been the case with Sonos speakers. Even though voice control is now an option, you won’t use the physical controls very much, even if they are convenient for fast skipping tracks.

A power-indicating LED and a small light to indicate whether Alexa is listening are also located on the top of the gadget. The microphones are linked to this second LED, and Sonos guarantees that if it is not lit, the microphones cannot hear you.

Sound Quality

You won’t be surprised to learn that the Sonos One has excellent sound quality, given that this is a Sonos speaker. The speaker also handles more challenging musical compositions admirably. The speaker does a good job for its size and affordability, but because the music is compressed into a single channel, it cannot separate a set of stereo speakers.

High-resolution audio support is one of the most important features. Only Amazon Music Unlimited is compatible with this at the moment.

Additional Features

The Sonos One requires more setup work than your typical Echo device, but thankfully only a little. Installing the Sonos and Alexa apps is required, as well as signing into your Amazon and Sonos accounts and any other music streaming services you want to use the speaker for.

As your speaker plays a variety of test sounds, you’ll be prompted to wander around your room with your phone as part of a process called “Trueplay Tuning. Your phone tunes its sound based on how the speaker sounds in its surroundings.

On the speaker’s top side are the controls. Swipe left or right to skip to the next song or return to the previous one. Holding the play button will allow you to add music from another room and group speakers together.

The companion app allows you to toggle on and off the top status light.


You don’t need a Sonos One SL if you’re searching for a smart speaker, but it is a fantastic choice if you want to upgrade the audio system in your house. Thanks to their compatibility with Spotify Connect and Airplay 2, both speakers may be used with streaming services.

You may choose Alexa and Google Assistant as your default music provider, but only with the Sonos One. The One, when purchased directly from Sonos, is $219.

  • Excellent support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Reliable directivity
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to use
  • Include additional controls
  • Box contain power cable and user manual
  • Not a good option for an open and large space
  • A little bit expensive
  • No Bluetooth support

Sonos One Sl Vs Sonos One: Comparison Table

SpecificationsSonos One SLSonos One
ColorBlack and whiteBlack and white
RGB Lightsnono
Additional controlsyesyes
Cabinet TypeBookshelfBookshelf
Surface Area161.45 x 119.7 x 119.7mm162 mm X 120 mm X 120 mm
Voice assistantNoYes
Audio QualityExcellentFantastic
Sensitivity2.96 dB3.06 dB
Wi-Fi Frequency band2.4GHZ and 5GHZ2.4GHZ
GrillePerforated clothRemovable cloth
Weight13.2 lb.9.4lb.
Frequency extension52.6HZ-19.3kHZ52.6-19.1kHZ
Google assistantNoYes

Sonos One Sl Vs Sonos One: Which Is Best?

If you quickly compare the Sonos One and Sonos One SL, you’ll see that they are virtually identical. Therefore, the decision ultimately depends on your desire for a voice assistant. The smart-assistant capabilities of the Sonos One come in handy in a variety of circumstances.

You can do this remotely if you put your phone down but realize that you need to lower the volume immediately. A Sonos One is a terrific method to streamline your home theatre setup if you already have a smart speaker in the space.

With it, you can replace an ugly device, like an Amazon Echo, with a gorgeous one. However, in this instance, hold out little hope. It implies that choosing the Sonos One SL to save $20 is the smart choice when voice control features are subpar and when you do not need them.

But regardless of your decision, rest certain that you will receive a high-caliber piece of technology that, despite its small size, packs a powerful punch in terms of sound quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sonos One better than One SL?

The Sonos One SL and Sonos One Gen 2 speakers are nearly identical. The main distinction is the Sonos One SL’s absence of a microphone and inability to work with voice assistants. Nevertheless, while having decent build quality, both speakers’ performances in terms of dynamics could be more impressive, and stereo content is downmixed into mono.

What is the difference between Sonos 1 SL and Sonos 1?

Including the microphone in the more expensive speaker is the sole design variation. The Sonos One has an integrated far-field microphone array for clear voice commands that employs advanced beamforming and multi-channel echo cancellation.

What does SL mean in Sonos?

SL stands for “speechless.” In this case, Sonos practically dropped the mic. The Apple AirPlay 2 or Sono’s app can control the One SL. The One SL is better if you already have voice control functionality or don’t require it.

Can I mix Sonos One and SL?

Yes, As you might have anticipated, it’s now possible to link a One and One SL in stereo, creating an affordable setup that looks and sounds terrific.

Are Sonos one SL good for surround sound?

Yes, the Sonos One SL achieves the ideal compromise between small size and excellent sound.

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