4 Best Bluetooth Speakers with Bass 2024

4 Best Bluetooth Speakers with Bass

Are you fond of hip-hop music and looking for bass-compatible speakers? Well, if you want to enjoy music in its purest form, you should buy bass-heavy speakers. If you are searching for the best Bluetooth speakers with bass, you must consider our latest recommendations.

In this regard, we tested a variety of speakers. And here are the results. During testing, we found out that different speakers are structured differently. Some are made to lower the bass of music. While others are suitable for heavy bass.

Every speaker has compatibility with a particular type of music. People with a taste in heavy or hip-hop music mostly prefer bass-perfect speakers. If you are one of them, have a look at our list of top 4 best Bluetooth speakers with bass.

Let’s deep dive into our recommendation to find the best speaker for you:

1- JBL PartyBox 310- Best Bass Speakers

  • Compatibility with party box app
  • 6.5-inch woofers
  • Multiple input options
  • Very heavy

Why did we choose this?

In the list of best Bluetooth speakers with bass, our first pick is JBL PartyBox 310. As shown by the name, they are designed for parties. That’s why they are very loud, with heavy bass and high intensity.

JBL PartyBox 310 is larger with 6.5-inch woofers providing mega bass. It’ll provide you with quality sound perfect for your house party. Its 18-hour battery life is the best fit for day-long parties.

Moreover, JBL is a large, portable, and rechargeable Bluetooth speaker. The speaker also has compatibility with the party box app. It has multiple input options for connecting different devices, including USB and XLR.

Well, they are a bit expensive. But still, a strong Bluetooth connection, customizable features, and app controller make it the best suit for you. Also, you’ll select between heavy or low bass according to sound requirements.

The feature we like the most in the JBL speaker is its crystal clear sound. Music is clear even at high bass, vocals, lyrics, and instruments, preserving all your sound content.

JBL PartyBox 310 is a treasure for bass lovers, giving them a premium taste of their favorite hip-hop music. If you have a large space and an open budget, you’ll go for JBL PartyBox 310.

2- Monster Rocking Roller 270- Bluetooth Speaker

  • LEDs beside controller buttons
  • Heavy bass
  • Microphone and guitar option
  • Bluetooth connectivity issues

Why did we choose this?

Monster Rocking Roller 270 is a portable Bluetooth speaker. Well, it is a bit difficult to produce low bass with Roller 270, but it is a great choice for heavy bass.

The rocking roller comes with a guitar and microphone input. Also, the voice is clear, and the looks are great too. Besides sound, vocals, and lyrics, instrument voices are also clear.

Rocking 270 has a unique addition of LED lights adjacent to the controller buttons. These lights make finding the buttons in a dark and busy space simple, which is quite fascinating.

Rocking 270 is a portable speaker with a long battery life. Its water resistance feature makes it a perfect fit for outdoor events. Also, the speaker has a bottle opener at its bottom.

However, it may have some connectivity issues. But overall, Monster Roller 270 is a budget-friendly speaker with elevated sound quality. Its great low-price features make it a suitable fit for you.

3- Sony SRS-XG500 X-Series- best portable speaker

  • Built-in lightning
  • 30 hours battery life
  • Speaker calls option
  • Compression error at higher volume

Why did we choose this?

A normal, portable speaker with mega bass. This Sony speaker has customizable tools and premium sound quality. Additionally, it has various inputs including the fun features of the microphone and guitar input, making you the singer of your party.

Sony SRS has a built-in for easy transportation. You’ll conveniently take this speaker anywhere. Also, the customizable lights give you a flourishing experience. With Sony SRS, you’ll make your home a little party place.

Moreover, the water-resistant and dust-free structure of the speaker, enables you to take it to your pool, or beach party. Its Mega bass is perfect for outdoor gatherings.

This Sony speaker also has an advanced call-answering option. Well, the enhanced listening experience, long battery life, and built-in lightning make it a perfect fit for you.

4- Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3- best connectivity speaker

  • 150 feet connectivity range
  • Ultimate ears app compatibility
  • Water resistor
  • No built-in microphone

Why did we choose this?

Ultimate Ear Megaboom 3 offers you a long connectivity range of 150 feet. The speaker has perfect sound intensity. It comes with great sound quality and premium structure material.

Moreover, Megaboom 3 is portable with water and dust resistor options. The easy transportation makes it a good fit for outdoor parties. Well, it doesn’t have a built-in microphone.

Regarding sound quality, the cylindrical design of Megaboom provides you with a balanced sound. The speaker has Ultimate Ears app compatibility.

The unique feature of Megaboom 3 allows you to connect it with 150 devices. The speaker also has a crystal clear voice with low, deep, or heavy bass options.

How Long Will a Bass Bluetooth Speaker Last?

Bass Bluetooth speakers will eventually degrade and require replacement, just like any other electronic device. However, with proper care and maintenance, they can last for up to five years. The cord on a bass speaker is likely to break first, so it is crucial to handle it carefully. Although it uses Bluetooth to communicate with your other devices, it still comes with a cord to charge the built-in rechargeable battery, which can occasionally fray. You should purchase the UE Hyperboom speakers for a better one without cables.

Excessive heat and moisture should also be kept away from the speaker. To extend the life of the speaker, you should regularly clean it if it has a fabric cover because it can collect dust and dirt. If you are unsure how to clean a Bluetooth speaker, visit our page. The bass speaker’s lifespan can be shortened by continuously playing it at maximum volume. But if you want a speaker that will function in a damp space, like a bathroom, check out our guide to the best shower speaker so you can dance while you clean up.


According to your needs, the speakers we have recommended above are the ones we believe are currently the best bass speakers you can buy. We consider the cost (cheaper speakers prevail over more expensive ones if the price difference is not significant), comments from our visitors, and availability (we do not include speakers that are hard to find or nearly sold out everywhere).


Which JBL has the best bass?

The JBL Xtreme 3 is among the best JBL speakers available and is made for speakers with strong bass and high output. Powerful JBL signature pro sound with a clear midrange and robust bass response is what this speaker is intended to deliver.

Which has better bass, JBL or Bose?

Bose speakers do not have as good a bass effect as JBL speakers, including subwoofers. Additionally, the JBL speakers are bigger than the Bose speakers and have radiators with higher vibration levels to produce bass tones with more depth.

Describe the deep bass.

The audio bandwidth between 16 and 80 Hz is called deep bass. The cutoff frequency of human hearing, where sound enters the “feel zone,” is typically handled by a powered subwoofer receiving an audio signal from an AV receiver or other audio source component.