UE Boom 3 vs Megaboom 3 | Who is Leading the Market?

UE Boom 3 vs Megaboom 3 Who is Leading the Market

Comparison of two different products from the same company feels like a betrayal when both items are incredible. The same goes for Ultimate Ear boom3 and Megaboom3. Both are great and have innovative features. 

Their ultimate loud voice, unique built-in, and cool appearance cause a nuance in the audio industry. One of them is portable, and the other is loud. One has a clear voice, and the other has balanced notes. One is affordable, and the other is cooler.

Let’s get straight into the world of Ultimate Ears lineup:

Quick Comparison: UE Boom 3 vs Megaboom 3

The UE lineup is the best fit for all those looking for dynamic Bluetooth speakers. But when it comes to selection from 2 products, it is a tough decision. 

Are you planning to buy UE Boom3 or UE Megaboom but are confused about their performance? Are you looking for a detailed comparison of UE Boom 3 vs UE Megaboom 3? Look no further than today. We are here with a detailed comparison guide to help you. 

Let’s explore more about the UE boom series and find out which of them is the ultimate winner:

UE Boom 3

UE boom3 is a portable speaker with an amazingly loud sound. The speaker has innovative features and a cool cylindrical design. Boom 3 is quite famous for its portability and deep bass. Additionally, the clear sound and sleek, lightweight design is also commendable. 

For all those looking for an affordable Bluetooth speaker with ultimate intense sound, UE Boom3 is the best choice.


  • Weight:                        0.6kg
  • Bluetooth range:         79m
  • Color:                          Multiple color variations
  • Amazon rating:          4.5


  • Looks and Design

When it comes to design, nothing can beat the cool Ultimate Ear series. This cylindrical Bluetooth speaker has a compact, sleek design and innovative features. UE boom3 is available in four different colors on Amazon. It comes with a vertical, cylindrical design for convenient placement. Moreover, the speaker is extremely portable with only 0.6kg weight. 

  • Sound Performance

Boom 3 is an extremely loud speaker with clear lyrics. The speaker has a deep, intense sound and immerse vocals. The speaker can be paired with over 150 other Bluetooth speakers for stereo effects. However, the speaker lacks sharpness at some point, but overall, it is well-built to consider.

  • Material Quality

Like the other UE lineup speakers, Boom3 has amazing manufacturing quality. The speaker is made of two-tone fabric, making it ultra-durable. The IPX7 waterproof rating and dustproof features make it the best choice for outdoor adventures. The boom3 can also float on water, which exceeds our expectations.

  • Connectivity and Battery Life

UE boom3 has amazing Bluetooth features with a 150 ft. connectivity range. The connection is also concise, with no distortions. The speaker comes with 15 hours of long battery life. You can charge boom3 through a USB port and wireless charger.

  • Voice Assistance and App compatibility

Well, the only downfall of the UE lineup is no Google or voice assistant compatibility. But the Boom3 is Ultimate Ears app compatible. Also, it has a party and stereo mode. You can also turn on the One Touch playlist, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, and Apple Music to enjoy your favorite music and podcasts.

  • Clear vocals
  • Affordability
  • 2 years hardware warranty
  • Lack sharpness

UE Megaboom 3

UE Megaboom 3 is a dynamic speaker with sharp and loud sound. It is well-known for its connectivity range and premium quality material. The speaker has a sleek and compact cylindrical shape with multi-directional sound.

For all those having an open budget and looking for an exceptional Bluetooth speaker, Megaboom 3 is a perfect fit.


  • Weight:                            0.9kg
  • Bluetooth range:             86m
  • Color: Multi-color variations
  • Amazon rating:               4.5


  • Looks and Design

The Megaboom3 is the successor of UE boom3. It has an improved design and more modern features. The speaker is extremely lightweight, with only 0.9kg weight. However, the speaker has the same cylindrical design, but it is available in 6 different colors. Also, the top and bottom of the speaker are smoother for safe placement. 

Design Results: Comparing the design, UE boom 3 vs UE Megaboom 3, UE Megaboom3 is the winner.

  • Sound Performance

Comparing UE boom3 vs. Megaboom 3 there is some difference. Megaboom is the next generation and is more compact, loud, and improved. The speaker comes with a passive radiator for monster bass. Additionally, the multi-directional sound has no comparison at all.

Sound Performance Result:  Considering the sound quality, Megaboom 3 is the champ.

  • Material Quality

UE Megaboom 3 is ultimately durable and compact. Before launch, this wireless speaker passed 25 durability tests and performed well. Just like Boom 3, it is also waterproof and dustproof. Additionally, it can stay in the water for more than 30 minutes, making it perfect for pool parties.

Material Quality Results: Regarding quality, both UE boom3 and Megaboom3 perform well.

  • Connectivity and Battery Life

Megaboom3 is considered one of the most concise wireless speakers regarding connectivity and Bluetooth range. The speaker has 150ft. connectivity. You can enjoy music with up to 20 hours of playback time.

Battery life winnerUE Megaboom3 is the ultimate winner.

  • Voice Assistance and App compatibility

Just like boom3, Megaboom3 lacks Google and Siri compatibility. But it can have a connection with the UE app. It is also compatible with iOS, Android, and EQ. Moreover, you can also switch it to a party and stereo mode. It has one-touch music compatibility with Spotify and other apps.

App compatibility Results: Both speakers have the same compatibility features.

  • Monster bass
  • Link up to 150 devices for stereo effect
  • One touch design
  • Price

Which one is better?

Megaboom has a more well-balanced sound profile, but some listeners may find the extra boom in the high bass too much for them. The build quality is better, and the battery life is longer. Although they are both incredibly portable speakers, some users may prefer the smaller BOOM.

The Megaboom 3 is still the standard option for most people considering purchasing an Ultimate Ears speaker. We would change some features (and we hope a new version arrives soon), but it can occasionally be found for unbeatable prices.


If you decide between the Boom 3 and the Megaboom 3, I recommend spending the extra $50 to get the Megaboom 3. The Megaboom 3 outperforms the Boom 3 in terms of sound quality because it is slightly louder and has more bass. The sound quality is otherwise nearly identical.


How loud is the Megaboom for a party?

A powerful, portable speaker that will rock your party and the room is the Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3. It has a strong, bass-heavy sound you can hear and feel, especially at higher volumes.

What speaker outperforms the Boom 3?

Compared to the Ultimate Ears BOOM 3, the Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 is a superior speaker. Although the MEGABOOM has a more balanced sound profile, some listeners might find the extra boom in the high bass too much.

How much bass is in Megaboom 3?

Compared to BOOM, MEGABOOM 3’s bass is 50% deeper due to its larger woofer and additional size. However, unlike most other portable speakers, it is true to your music.