Top 5 Best Bluetooth Speaker under $200

Bluetooth speakers have become an essential part of our daily lives, providing convenience and portability for music enthusiasts who are constantly on the go. Bluetooth speakers are a versatile option for listening to music while camping, hosting a backyard party, or simply improving your home audio experience.

Are you tired of traditional, cheap speakers? Are you looking for something expensive and classy? Well, Expensive speakers offer more enhanced sound quality. Also, lavish Bluetooth speakers come with exceptional features.

Here is the list of the top 5 best Bluetooth speakers under $200:

Best Bluetooth Speaker under $200

1-JBL charge 5

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  • Portable wireless Bluetooth speaker
  • Both dust and water resistant 
  • Prolonged battery
  • Integrated power bank
  • Party Boost feature
  • Dual JBL bass radiator

  • Durability
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • JBL portable app compatibility
  • Heavy

Why did we choose this?

Charge 5 is our top pick for the best Bluetooth speaker under $200 because of its exceptionally loud sound. The speaker has an advanced JBL party boost feature for creating ultra-stereo effect. 

Although, the speaker is heavy compared to its competitors. But still portable enough for outdoor use. Charge 5 is water- and dustproof, perfect for outdoor adventures and beach parties.

JBL Charge 5 comes with a cool design and innovative sound system. With this wonderful speaker, you’ll get crystal-clear lyrics and quality sound. Such remarkable features make it best for your outdoor parties and small functions.

Additionally, the JBL 5 has JBL portable app compatibility. Also, the speaker is Spotify-compatible. It comes with an amazing 20 hours of long battery life. It has a Bluetooth 5.0 kit, ensuring quite a good connection. This speaker has a USB port to charge your phone. 

Finally, the Charge 5 speaker is a bit pricy, but the remarkable quality compensates for the money. JBL Charge 5 is perfect for all those looking for astonishing sound. 

2-UE Megaboom 3

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  • Wireless Bluetooth portable speakers
  • The battery lasts 20 hours.
  • Both dust and water-resistant
  • Durability
  • You can play, pause, and skip music directly using the magic button.
  • Two-tone fabric covering

  • 150 ft. Bluetooth range
  • Link up to 150 devices
  • Deep clear sound
  • No app compatibility

Why did we choose this?

With remarkable quality and connectivity range, Megaboom3 got a spot among the best Bluetooth speakers under $200. It has an extraordinary 150ft. Bluetooth connectivity range. Also, the sound intensity is great, with clear vocals.

UE Megaboom 3 comes with premium construction material. This speaker has a cool, sleek design and deep, clear sound. Also, it is waterproof and dustproof, making best fit for outdoor use. 

The front part of UE Megaboom, showing + and –, is used for volume adjustments. The bottom part has a charging port. It also comes with a hand strap for hanging it anywhere.

The best feature of Megaboom 3 is its multiple pairing. You can link it with another UE speaker for loud sound. Not enough, you can also connect it with more than 150 devices to create an ultimate party effect.

However, it doesn’t have a built-in microphone. Still, a clear voice and 15 hours of battery life make it the perfect choice for a Bluetooth speaker. Also, the innovative cylindrical design provides a balanced sound in all directions.

3-Marshall Stockwell

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  • Portable speaker
  • Built-in rechargeable
  • Wireless technology
  • Bluetooth speaker

  • USB port
  • 25 hours battery life
  • Adjustable volume and bass
  • Distorted sound at high volume

Why did we choose this?

Stockwell is a mid-size speaker from the Marshall Series. Well, it is designed for small gatherings. This ultra-speaker has a built-in subwoofer for creating a stereo effect. Also, the small size allows you to carry it around. 

Marshall Stockwell claims to have a battery life of 25 hours, which is incredible. Additionally, it comes with adjustable bass, loud sound, and multi-directional audio.

During testing, the Stockwell speaker performs very well, from sound intensity to adjustable knobs. Everything seems pretty cool and well-structured. For charging your phone, it comes with a 2.0 USB port.

However, the speaker has distorted sound at higher volumes, which is unfavorable at much higher prices. But overall, the sleek design, top control knobs, and battery life make it to our list of best Bluetooth speakers under $200.

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  • Portable bluetooth speaker
  • Wireless
  • Water and dustproof speaker
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Built in microphone
  • Bose connect time
  • Long lasting battery time

  • Water and dust resistance
  • Bose app compatibility
  • Clear voice
  • Limited battery life

Why did we choose this?

Bose SoundLink Flex is a cordless, portable speaker. Like its competitors, Bose Flex also has water and dust-resistance features. Also, it has a rechargeable battery and crystal clear voice.

SoundLink Flex has a customizable setup and innovative design. It has a horizontal shape for safe placement. Also, the Wrist loop makes it easier to hang it anywhere.

The SoundLink Flex comes with Bose app compatibility. Moreover, this speaker is quite famous for its in-depth sound. SoundLink comes with a 12-hour battery life

Furthermore, the speaker has a built-in microphone for receiving phone calls. The speaker comes with adjustable buttons. This speaker gives you more control over sound, volume, and intensity than others.

However, the battery life needs to be longer. Still, the clear sound, built-in microphone, and adjustable knobs make it the best Bluetooth speaker under $200

5-Anker Soundcore Motion+

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  • Intense bass
  • Exceptional depth and clarity
  • High-resolution audio
  • Incrediable sound quality
  • Long lasting battery

  • IPX7 rating
  • Connectivity with another Motion+
  • Built-in microphone
  • Low bass

Why did we choose this?

We added Motion+ to our list of the best Bluetooth speakers under $200 because of affordability. This speaker is quite cheap compared to its competitors. But still, it comes with an amazingly loud sound.

The speaker is made from quality steel and has a flat surface for convenient carrying. Additionally, the speaker is compact and conveyable. Motion+ speaker has adjustable knobs and Soundcore app compatibility. 

Anker Soundcore Motion+ is compatible with another Motion+ for creating the ultimate sound effect. This allows us to use it for small gatherings, dinners, or functions.

Moreover, Motion+ has wire and Bluetooth connectivity, which didn’t come with its rivals. Also, the speaker has waterproof sensors. Motion+ has no dust resistance feature, so avoiding it outside is better.

However, it lacks bass and is quite heavy. But overall, the sound quality is commendable and clear. For all those looking for a budget-friendly speaker with quality sound, Anker Soundcore Motion+ is a great choice.


When choosing the best Bluetooth speaker under $200, consider your specific needs regarding sound quality, portability, durability, extra features, battery life, and price. Each speaker has particular benefits and strengths, ensuring a better audio experience and hours of enjoyment.


Is JBL a good brand?

JBL speakers produce high-quality sound and are reasonably priced. They also come in various sizes, so you can find one that is just right for you.

Is it true that more expensive speakers have a better sound?

Although durability, engineering, and high-quality materials are important, they do not guarantee a great-sounding speaker.  You can certainly pay more for better visual appeal and material quality.  Spending more money, however, is not always the best course of action if you want a better media experience.

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