Audioengine A2+ Vs A5+ -Which Is Best?

Audioengine A2+ Vs A5+

Speakers have met the expectations of Bluetooth connectivity and wireless streaming quickly. We will review the two best speakers for small to medium rooms, the Audioengine A2+ Vs. A5+, if you want to know “which is best?”.

You’ll be astonished to learn that it might soon be worth an upgrade. Audioengine wireless speakers are one of the top-rated and most demanding speakers in the audio industries all around the USA. Should you continue with what you have or spend the extra money on them?

They may have eliminated some features, but they also introduced many new ones, improved the sound, and removed others.

Audioengine A2+

The revolutionary acoustic and electric design of the A2+ Wireless speaker is the key to its strong sound. With their compact enclosures, the A2+ speakers produce the highest sound quality possible thanks to their hand-crafted precision cabinets.

Smaller and, quite frankly, more fashionable than Audioengine A5+ is Audioengine A2+. Bookshelf-style speakers with multimedia capabilities include the A2+ and A5+. Just putting them into an ordinary AC plug is all that is required. As a result, unlike other best Bluetooth bookshelf speakers models, no amplifier or receiver is required.

With any audio source, you can use them.

Key Features

  • Brand: Audioengine
  • USB audio connectivity technology
  • Bluetooth aptX
  • Mini-jack
  • RCA connectivity technology
  • Wireless speakers
  • Speaker type: bookshelf

Key Specifications


The sleek Audioengine A2+ Wireless Speakers are perfect for a compact setup and are available in matte black or glossy. A2+ is only 6 inches high, 4 inches wide, and 5 inches deep. This is the best option if your space is more congested.

They are not particularly portable, despite their size. Since the left master speaker must power the right speaker, the speakers must remain near one another. Kevlar drivers, an amplifier, cabinets, and a bass port are all included with the Audioengine A2+.

A cable is required to link the left speaker, which houses all the electronics, to the right speaker, the slave speaker in the speaker set’s master and slave speaker system. The Audioengine A2+ also features a Bluetooth pair button, stereo RCA input and output connectors, a USB port, and a power outlet.

The A2+ speakers are amplified using a conventional amplifier setup to deliver the finest music quality.


With left and right RCA stereo inputs and outputs, a 3.5mm jack, and a USB input, Audioengine has been comparatively benevolent in terms of connections. The choice is yours whether to appreciate analog or digital media.

The A2DAC +’s is of a higher caliber than that in the majority of PCs. According to Audioengine, utilizing a 24-bit DAC like their D1 or D2 would enhance audio quality.

Inputs And Outputs

Two inputs are continuously active on the Audioengine A2+ speaker system. This function enables Spotify music playback on a laptop while keeping your phone’s notifications audible. Additionally, this is a defect because you must mute one audio source constantly.

The volume control is located on the back of the right speaker, and there is no remote control included with the speakers. Although the speakers are inexpensive, you may improve your experience with greater sound and deeper bass. Additionally, including another component ruins the speakers’ sleek appearance.

Sound Quality

Your room’s acoustics will always affect a speaker’s sound quality and performance. These two combined effects are so potent that it usually makes no sense to say anything about sound quality without mentioning them.

Given their diminutive size, you might be surprised by how much bass and detail the A2+ can produce. These small fellows are producing a powerful sound that will fill the space. Although it is on a lesser scale than what you’d hear from a larger system, any audiophile would be happy with what they hear.

Although A2+ speakers provide an excellent balance, they will only mislead people into believing they are a large set of speakers. The speakers on your PC or TV are undoubtedly inferior to Audioengine A2+ speakers.

The A2+ will not outperform the A2 if you use the analog connection.

Audioengine A2+ Speakers Pricing

For entry-level speaker systems that don’t cost more than $300, the Audioengine A2+ Wireless Speakers are a terrific option. For a more affordable price point, you receive superior features, accurate and clear sound performance, and great connectivity.

  • Attractive and sleek design
  • Easy to use
  • High sound quality
  • Connectivity ports for USB and other accessories
  • Doesn’t contain remote controlling option
  • Sound control knob on the back side of the speaker
  • No input toggles
  • Price higher than competitors

Audioengine A5+

The A5 has been superseded by the A5+ by Audioengine, just like the A2 before. The updated model still sounds better despite the unfortunate removal of the built-in AC power output and price increase. Therefore, the features and performance are worth the price.

The A5+ has 27 cm in height, 18 cm in width, and 23 cm in depth. It would not fit on a tiny desk but would be appropriate for a larger workspace or tabletop stand. A5+ is available in matte black or white finishes regarding color selections.

Key Features

  • Brand: Audiogenic
  • Available in White, silver and black colors
  • Speaker type: bookshelf
  • 5mm mini-jack
  • RCA input/output
  • Audio cable
  • Remote control

Key Specifications


There is a master-slave speaker system included with the Audioengine A5+. The volume knob, LED power indicator, remote control receiver, Bluetooth antenna, and 3.5 mm aux input are all located on the front panel of the left speaker, which also stores everything.


The Audioengine A5+ speaker keeps all of its convenient inputs and networking choices for connecting to computers and turntables. The streaming capability is thus the most notable upgrade. It is incredibly simple to stream music from apps and supports high-res streaming through Bluetooth aptX and AAC thanks to the built-in Bluetooth receiver and 24-bit DAC.

These speakers are far more universally compatible than a standard iPod dock or other charging devices because of their USB charging capabilities. Although they are insufficient for laptops, the A5+ speakers can easily power tablets like iPads or Kindles.

Inputs And Outputs

The A5+ has a frequency range of 50Hz to 22kHz and can generate over 150W of peak power. A four-button remote is also included with the Audioengine A5+. The A2+ does not have a convenient remote control, but even with it, the features of the A5+ are limited and do not contain buttons for track navigation and playing.

A thermal system is also included to keep the speakers cool.

Sound Quality

Small and medium-sized spaces are ideal for the Audioengine A5+ speakers’ performance. Most bass enthusiasts would consider the thump it produces to be respectable. The speakers can produce a loud, deafening sound before the sound becomes distorted.

In contrast to systems with increased bass, the overall sound is rich, smooth, and crystal clear with superb clarity. Although it’s hard to notice the difference between the A2+ and the A5, the A5+ produces a louder, clearer sound.

These are higher-quality PC speakers with a smoother, fuller sound and much more clarity. You may hear instruments or background noises you previously missed while using other speakers as you listen.

Even the best iPod speakers, such as those made by Bose, can’t compete with Audioengine A5+ speakers. The A5+ appears to fix all of the A2audio +’s quality flaws. With a significantly wider soundstage and lower-end extension, the A5+ significantly outperforms the A2+.

Audioengine A5+ speakers Pricing

In a comparison of A2+ Vs. A5+, Audioengine A5+ speakers cost more than A2+. The approximate cost of A5+ speakers is $400. However, it is an approximate pricing figure. If you are looking for an affordable speaker, A5+ isn’t for you!

  • High-end sound quality
  • Includes two audio inputs
  • USB charging port
  • Remote control panel
  • Bookshelf speakers and work also from distance
  • Pricier than A2+ and other speakers
  • Heavy weight
  • Doesn’t include AC powered port
  • Always active inputs

Audioengine A2+ Vs A5+: Comparison Table

SpecificationsAudioengine A2+Audioengine A5+
ConnectivityBluetooth aptX, USB audio, RCABluetooth aptX HD
Wireless FeaturesYesYes
Driver DetailsBuilt-in TI PCM2704C DACBuilt-in DAC, Silk Dome Tweeter, AKM AK4396
Frequency Response65 Hz to 22 kHz50 HZ to 22 KHZ
Port PositionFront-side portBack-side
Cabinet TypeBookshelfBookshelf
Surface Area5.25’’H x 4’’W x 6’’D10.75”H x 7” W x 9” D
Weight3.6 Pounds15.4 Pounds
Audio QualityHighFantastic
CostStarts from $269
Input/OutputNo input togglesRCA input/output
USB Input16-bit up to 48kHzNo
Subwoofer OutputYesYes
Optical InputNoNo

Audioengine A2+ Vs A5+: Which Is Best?

Whether you choose the A2+ or the A5+ depends on your intended application. The A2+ should not be used to blast a room. As opposed to standard built-in speakers and even more affordable desktop speakers, they are ideal for a desktop.

Immerse yourself in your gaming, or play some music in the background while you work. As they are front-ported, the A2+s are ideal for near-field hearing, even if they will be placed close to a wall. The A5+ fills larger spaces with powerful, room-filling sound.

If you are doing much listening from a distance, your ears will appreciate the extra money spent on these if you can take the trade-off with size. A5+ speakers can be placed in your living room or office, but they are too large for a compact workstation.

There are many things to enjoy about these Audioengine speakers, even though they make certain compromises. They are the best desktop wireless speakers in our opinion because of this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Audioengine A2+ worth it?

If you are looking for an affordable wireless speaker for a small room, Audioengine A2+ is surely worth it. However, A2+ speakers are not good for a large room or hall. You have to go for A5+ if you want high-end sound quality.

Are Audioengine A2+ loud?

Of course, Yes! Audioengine A2+ speakers are loud, but for a small room. The frequency of these wireless speakers is 65 HZ to 22 kHz, which is more than enough for a small acoustic area.

Are Audioengine A5 worth it?

Absolutely yes! If you have a high budget and looking for a fantastic sound-quality wireless speaker, Audioengine A5+ speakers are the best choice. However, you will regret it if you want to buy these speakers for a small room because it would be a waste of money.

Do I need amp for Audioengine A2+?

If you want to connect Audioengine A2+ speakers to your computer or laptop, you can use any headphone amp for these speakers. You can also use DAC+ Amp with a pre-amp output to upgrade your A2+ speakers.

Are Audioengine speakers audiophile?

Even though Audioengine A2+ and A5+ speakers are pretty well-balanced speakers for computers, these speakers do not still have audiophile quality. However, Audioengine claims A5+ speakers as audiophile speakers.

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