Edifier R1850db Vs R2000db – Which Is Best?

Edifier R1850db Vs R2000db

Edifier speakers R1850db and R2000db deliver excellent sound, and if you’re searching for a cost-effective solution, these are both great choices. In this thorough comparison, we’ll go through the main distinctions between the Edifier R1850DB and R2000DB.

When comparing the Edifier R2000DB with R1850DB, the R2000DB is bigger and makes a louder sound. R2000DB is more expensive than R1850DB.

Edifier r1850db

The Edifier R1850DB wireless Bluetooth speakers are currently very good and reasonably priced for Edifier products. Excellent sound quality, good bass, and clarity are all features of the R1850DB. Although the front of these wireless best Bluetooth bookshelf speakers lacks control, they also come with a remote.

The Edifier R1850DB guarantees top sound quality and incredible features at an affordable price. Given the brand’s prior success with similar inexpensive speakers, these speakers would be a good fit for home music studios.

Key Specifications

  • 2-Way speakers’ configuration
  • 70W RMS Amplifier power rating
  • Mid-woofer, silk dome tweeter drivers
  • Bass-reflex enclosure type
  • 1 front port
  • 60HZ to 20 kHZ frequency response
  • 5% harmonic distortion
  • 4’’ bass driver
  • 85 dBA noise ratio
  • 154*254*224mm dimension

Key Attributes


The stereo speakers have a striking resemblance to the brand’s R1800BT predecessor. The design is elegant and dark, and the construction quality is excellent. Instead of using accent colors, Edifier combined a variety of matte blacks in different colors.

The Edifier R1850DB, in contrast to the previous model, has an outstanding textured surface that deters finger touches. The size is about average, as expected from a pair of four-inch bookshelf speakers.

Although they didn’t take up much room, they are also not really portable. The area is just small enough to locate studio setups for bedrooms. It has two volume up, two-volume down keys, and one wired feature.

The key pairings correctly perform a comparable function; therefore, we are still determining the business’s rationale for including numerous buttons for the same purpose.


Thanks to the input slots on the back, any audio device can be used with the Edifier R1850DB. Coaxial, optical, and twin stereo RCA inputs are available on the Edifier R1850DB speakers. With wireless connectivity, a wider variety of portable devices, including tablets, smartphones, and laptops, are now compatible with the speaker.

The slot for connecting the dual speaker system using the supplied wire and the slot for the subwoofer’s out are both on the back of the active speakers. The five meters of speaker connection wire should be excessive for practically any type of arrangement.

The classic mode on the remote gives you the choice of either dynamic or classic. With the ability to easily alter the sound profile based on what you are listening to, you’ll find this to be very helpful.

Sound Quality

The R1850DB speakers may be adjusted to produce a balanced sound by turning the dials for the bass and treble on the back. The lows don’t go very deep, and the highs are rolled off due to the frequency response of 60Hz to 20kHz.

While it makes for enjoyable listening, more precision and detail are needed in higher-end setups. However, Edifier does have a port for a subwoofer, so there is a good chance to improve the bottom end.

These bookshelf speakers have a neutral tone and a smooth treble that make them sound nice with practically any genre. Due to the caliber of the internal application, projection and energy are just ordinary.

Pure audiophiles would criticize it, but for the type of person who will get these for some party music, these Edifier bookshelf speakers would be the best choice. It sounds good, and that’s what matters.


Even though these Edifier speakers are not the most affordable, they have great pricing. When you take into account the variety of options offered here, the price is reasonable. Not the best selection for studio mixing. However, they are quite inexpensive compared to studio monitors of a higher caliber.

When compared to common consumer PC speakers, these perform excellently. Additionally functional for regular use when connected to your TV.

  • Best bookshelf speakers around $200
  • Multiple inputs
  • Affordable
  • Remote control
  • Average sound quality as compared to a passive speaker
  • Limited color options
  • Traditional speaker’s design
  • No Bluetooth connectivity option

Edifier R2000db

The Edifier R2000DB product line is a step forward, providing an improved specification in a similar but physically larger architecture. The Edifier R2000DB speakers may not be within many people’s budgets, but they are not subpar in the world of speakers.

A wide variety of cables, including RCA to RCA, RCA to 3.5 mm, and an optical cable, are included with the speakers. The 3m 5-pin DIN cable, which has a reasonable length of 3 meters, enables you to connect the two speakers. The R1850DB cable is longer but less.

The high-quality connectors on the cable’s ends are impressive. We’ll discuss how the sound quality benefits from the speaker inputs being all gold-plated in a moment.

Key Specifications

  • Woofer, tweeter drivers
  • 55HZ-20 kHZ frequency response
  • 85dBA noise ratio
  • 4lbs weight
  • Black and wood colors
  • 24W RMS power output
  • 5’’ bass driver
  • Rear-ported
  • 5in*11.5in*7.5in

Key Features


With its speaker series, Edifier once again demonstrates its great design sense. The all-black ensemble is uninteresting. However, the high-gloss piano finish and textured front panel complement each other perfectly. Another option is a woodgrain finish if you like a more earthy tone.

The front face’s angular shape of speakers aids in delivering music directly to your ears. However, it also offers a distinctive and eye-catching form profile. R200db is a classy, stylish, and appealing set of speakers. It is ideally suited for your living room or home studio.

The footprint of the Edifier R2000DB bookshelf speakers is respectable. Fitting these may be difficult for smaller desks. Placement might be problematic because the unit has tuning controls at the back.

If you frequently use these controls, you’ll want to keep them accessible.


One of the strengths of the R2000DB is connectivity. The dual RCA connections on the back of the device allow you to connect two devices. The remote control makes it simple to change sources and has an LED light on the front to show you which source is on.

With a great range and no dropouts, Bluetooth functionality is also reliable. Even while changing sources, the Bluetooth connection is kept up. This avoids the need to couple devices once more. The dedicated Optical output on the R2000DB takes things one step further and is ideal for connecting to your TV.

Edifier has provided the appropriate cables for each of these connection types. Even though they aren’t the best, they are nevertheless effective. An optical cable, dual RCA cables, and a 3.5mm to RCA cable are all included. For connecting to other media devices, the latter is very helpful.

There is no specific sub-out option for subwoofers, which is the only drawback. There are solutions, but Edifier should have included one on a product at this pricing level.

Sound Quality

The 120w output power of the R2000DBs was produced by a 5″ 36W driver and a 24W 25mm. The speakers are directed straight to your ears, producing good sound staging. They have sufficient maximum volume and extremely good sound quality.

You can modify it whatever you choose. The bass is quite full. You can only describe it in that way. Punchy, with a strong sense of the air moving through the back bass port. Make sure the bookshelf speakers are positioned so air can circulate the back of it. Your bass will sound considerably better if you put them in front of a hard surface.

The mid-frequency range is satisfactory. They appeal to the ear since they are rich in detail but not overly dense. The high range is excellent. High hat and snare sound fidelity is a true test of a decent speaker, and the Edifier R2000DB speakers sound fantastic.


The Edifier R2000DB is worth the extra money even if it costs significantly more than entry-level devices. The speaker has notable improvements in every aspect, which justifies the price increase. It’s difficult to criticize the pricing when considering how flexible these are.

  • Balanced and high-quality sound
  • Professional and appealing bookshelf speaker’s design
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Easy to setup
  • Reliable set of accessories
  • Below-average remote-control system
  • Needs improvements for audio lag

Edifier r1850db vs r2000db: Comparison Table

SpecificationsEdifier R1850dbEdifier R2000db
ConnectivityBluetooth aptX, USB audio, RCABluetooth aptX HD
Enclosure typeBass reflexBass reflex
Driver DetailsMid-woofer, silk dome tweeterMid-woofer, silk dome tweeter
Frequency Response55 HZ to 20 KHZ60Hz to 20 kHz
Port PositionRear-portedFront-side port
Cabinet TypeBookshelfBookshelf
Surface Area154*254*224mm9.5in*11.5in*7.5in
Speaker configurationTwo-wayTwo-way
Audio QualityHighFantastic
CostStarts from $329$229
Input powerNot specified100-240 VAC
USB Input16-bit up to 48kHzNo
Wireless connectionBluetoothBluetooth
Harmonic distortionNot specified0.5%

Edifier r1850db vs r2000db: Which Is Best?

The Edifier R2000DB carries on the brand’s history of providing exceptional performance for the money. As much as you could have loved a sub out, there isn’t anything wrong with them. Depending on what you listen to, your results may differ.

If you have a little room, the Edifier R1850DB is perfect. These will function as computer speakers on a desk. Make sure to put them on tables and listen to them while seated, even if you don’t put them on the desktop table.

This is so because they are angled and made to be put in that position. The R2000DB is a great pair of speakers for desktop computers, but you can also use them with gaming consoles. A subwoofer is needed if you want to turn your home into a theatre. You can test it out even though it won’t be as effective as in a home theatre.


The Edifier R2000DB and R1850DB are both PC speakers, but you can also use the bigger one with a TV. To ensure that the drivers and the sound are directed to your ear location, it is preferable if you sit close to it and set them on a table.

The speakers are perfect for beginners because of their affordable price and because they want to save money before they know which is better. These work best in compact spaces, so college students can easily use them in their residence halls or studio apartments.

Additionally, you may get the extra punch from the speakers by adding a second subwoofer. Larger transducers, a lower frequency response, and a larger cabinet size are the factors that make Edifier R2000db a top selection.

A subwoofer can be connected indirectly, even though you can’t attach one directly. These R1850DB tiny speakers have a sub out and are made to be connected to a sub. It is likewise relatively inexpensive but needs to improve in certain fundamental areas. The decision is now yours!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is edifier bookshelf speakers good?

Absolutely, the Edifier bookshelf speakers are an excellent beginner or intermediate speakers. It delivers a sturdy, compact design and good sound at a fair price. They are perfect for a brand-new music producer who is just getting started.

Is Edifier better than Logitech?

When comparing Edifier to Logitech, Edifier immediately outperforms the latter in terms of functionality and build quality. It also makes sense why the prices are different.

What is Edifier known for?

Edifier offers a variety of home audio, professional audio, headphones, and microphones for use in both personal entertainment and business settings. Edifier specializes in high-end audio systems that give exceptional audio experiences through various headphones, speakers, and music systems.