Edifier R1280t Vs R1280db – Which Is Best?

Edifier R1280db Vs R1700bt

Lets see Edifier R1280t Vs R1280db” Bookcase speakers from Edifier are perfect for any apartment or office are R1280T and R1280DB speaker sets. They are made fashionable and useful without being overbearing and are designed to fit nicely on your shelves.

Most people can use these speakers to fill a small space with inexpensive, room-filling sound. Each of these models has a very small footprint, yet despite their diminutive size, they have a depth that makes up for it with a substantial amount of bass tones.

Regarding affordable and adaptable bookshelf speakers, just one brand comes to mind: Edifier. A well-known speaker maker with a reputation for producing high-quality speakers is Edifier. Whether to buy the R1280T or the R1280DB may be debatable.

The R1280T and R1280DB best Bluetooth bookshelf speakers from Edifier are highly fashionable and appealing. To simplify, we’ll compare the two speakers in today’s blog to identify any differences, pros, cons and their basic features.

Edifier R1280T

Audiophiles like the Edifier R1280T are a set of compact bookshelf speakers with a traditional design. The side panels’ oak-looking wood with a maple finish gives the speakers a cozy, substantial feel.

The mesh screen and dull silvered metal mid-transverse fascia are covered by a front panel cover made of grey cloth. The speakers are facing the front, and a recessed volume and bass control module is located on the side.

They have a stylish appearance and look equally at home in a traditional- or modern-styled living room.

Key Specifications of Edifier R1280t

  • Bookshelf speakers
  • 42 W RMS amplifier power
  • Bass reflex case
  • Woofers and dome tweeter drivers
  • Front-side ports
  • 85 dBA noise ratio
  • Wireless and remote connectivity
  • Adjustable volume bass
  • RCA PC input audio inputs

Key Attributes


While its sibling has two RCA inputs, the Edifier R1280T features two auxiliary inputs—one coaxial and one optical. Given the auxiliary inputs’ importance, the R1280T excels in this area. Controlling the R1280remote T is a reasonably simple process.

The R1280T bass driver is crucial to create deep and rich bass. Additionally, a silk tweeter with a woofer produces high-quality sound throughout a wide frequency range.


The R1280T’s design is quite similar to that of the new product. Both speakers use identical casing, wood, and metal parts. The real wood side panels are made of oak-like wood with a maple stain applied.

The wood side panels give the speakers a rich, inviting appearance that makes them look like pieces of furniture. In addition to the IR remote control, the left side panel contains a recessed box with direct control knobs for the bass and volume.

The control knobs are well-made and work smoothly, enabling precise setting adjustments. A power switch and spring I/O connectors are located at the back of the speakers and are designed to save the left speaker to the right main.

The woofer, tweeter, and bass port are covered by the front fabric that clips to the speaker’s face primarily for cosmetic reasons. For two different sound sources, one marked PC and the other Aux, the R1280T features standard RCA jack L/R inputs.

The speakers are easy to manage and may be adjusted directly with the side knobs or the included IR remote. Three buttons—volume up, down, and mute—are located on the R1280 T’s very basic remote control.

Sound Quality

The treble is a bit crisp, and the overall audio quality has a warm, low-frequency signature. Even if furniture and other stuff are present, these combined effects are loud enough to fill a typical living room.

The right placement is crucial to make the most of these speakers, considering how small they are. The bass is substantial and deep when placed with the audience at or above the listening level.

The best use for these tonal highlights is as background music during gatherings. These speakers don’t have much bass kick or thump, but their mid-range tone richness will create the impression of depth in the sound.


The average cost of Edifier R1280t is $120 which is less than the cost of Edifier R1280db. However, this cost will increase if you want to upgrade the basic accessories or cables of these speakers.

  • High-quality sound
  • Comes with all front ports
  • Affordable
  • Easy to place
  • Comes in mid-range tones
  • Basic RCA input
  • Compatible design
  • You will need to pay more for upgraded accessories
  • An average end-to-end extension

Edifier R1280db

The R1280DB initially resembles the R1280T speakers in appearance. Each model’s performance is essentially the same, as they all use the same cabinet and a large portion of the same electronics. The two models diverge at this last point.

The R1280DB has many more input and remote-control options to experiment with and is essentially an electrical update of the R1280T. It has been made more compatible with modern sound systems while maintaining the same build quality and providing virtually equal sound quality.

Additionally, to optical and coaxial inputs, the R1280DB includes Bluetooth connectivity. It also has a remote that enables you to operate everything from another part of the room. The wood side panels also offered a sleek black stain that would look great in a living room decorated in a contemporary manner.

Key Specifications of Edifier R1280db

  • 42 W RMS amplifier power
  • Bass-reflex case
  • Dome tweeter and woofer drivers
  • All-front ports
  • 85 dBA noise ratio
  • 550 mV input sensitivity
  • Bluetooth and remote control
  • Wired connections
  • 55 HZ to 20kHZ frequency response

Key Attributes


The Edifier 1280DB outperforms its sibling in terms of connection. The variants marked with the T latter are updated versions of the DB and DBs models. Now that we know why they have the upper hand in this case, we can conclude.

The main distinction is the presence of Bluetooth connectivity in the 1280DB, which was absent from its predecessor. The R1280DB, on the other hand, offers an incredible wireless range and a signal-to-noise ratio of 94dB.

Compared to the Edifier R1280T, the Edifier R1280DB includes a more sophisticated remote-control capability.


The wood side panels have a lovely aesthetic that would go well with any bookshelf and are available in either a black or maple stain. Overall, these bookshelf speakers share a stereo hi-fi vibe with their predecessors from above that is unmistakably old, if not outright retro.

An RCA-RCA cable, a speaker connection cable, and an instruction booklet are included with the R1280DB. Although the quality of these connections is relatively poor, they demonstrate the variety of inputs that these speakers can accept.

The R1280DB differs significantly from the R1280T in this regard, namely, about connectivity. The R1280DB is an upgraded R1280T that supports Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming.

A pairing mode in speaker electronics keeps track of recently used devices. Additionally, these speakers contain an integrated DAC that can connect to smart TVs as a sound system and accept optical input.

Sound Quality

Standard RCA, jack L/R inputs are provided on the R1280DB for two distinct sound sources. Like the R1280T, speaker connection wires enslave the left speaker to the right main speaker. There are two extra inputs: a coaxial connector and one for optical cabling.

The speakers are easily and directly controlled by turning the side knobs, or they can be managed with the included IR remote. In every way, the sound quality resembles that of the R1280T that was previously mentioned.

The size and cabinet design of both speaker systems are the same. The R1280DB’s woofer is larger than the other model, which is the only minor difference between the two.


The average cost of Edifier R1280db is $150 that is more than the cost of Edifier R1280t. However, this cost will increase if you want to upgrade basic accessories or cables of these speakers.

  • Compatible design
  • Easy to setup
  • High sound quality
  • Bookshelf speaker
  • Multiple input options
  • Comes with a mid-range tone
  • Costs more than Edifier R1280t
  • Lack of upgraded accessories including cables
  • Average end-to-end extension

Edifier R1280db Vs R1280t: Comparison Table

SpecificationsEdifier R1280dbEdifier R1280t
ColorsBlack and wood grainwood and wood grain
Wireless FeaturesYesWired
Treble driver13mm silk dome13mm silk dome
Frequency Response55 Hz to 20 kHz75 HZ to 18 KHZ
Port PositionFront-side portsFront-side ports
Speaker TypeBookshelfBookshelf
Surface Area11.81’’H x 9.45’’W x 7.78’’D5.7’’H x 7.7’’W x 9.2’’D
Weight12.5 Pounds10.8 Pounds
Audio QualityHighHigh
CostStarts from $149.9$120
Power OutputRMS 21W*2RMS 21W+21W RMS
Amplifier classNot specifiedNot specified
Bass driver4 inches4 inches
Noise Ratio≥85dBA≥85dBA
ConnectivityBluetooth and remote controlRemote control
Input TypeRCA*2RCA*2

Edifier R1280db Vs R1280t: Which Is Best?

There is virtually no contest regarding comparison, even though both speakers are excellent, expertly made music equipment. It is just a no-brainer to buy the DB model because the price difference between the two models is so small, and the numerous electronic options you receive with the R1280DB.

The R1280T is still a viable option among the best bookshelf speakers. On the other hand, the R1280DB is an update that is at least as good as the R1280T.


The R1280DB is the best option if you desire wireless connectivity and more connectivity possibilities. If you prefer a less expensive option, the R1280T will do. After reading this post, you will have more knowledge and be able to choose which course of action to take.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Edifier R1280T and R1280DB?

Both the R1280T and R1280DB from Edifier are very similar. The Edifier R1280DB features two RCA inputs, Bluetooth, and two additional inputs for optical and coax addition to the two RCA inputs, which is the most obvious change.

The Edifier R1280T, on the other hand, only has two RCA inputs.

Is Edifier R1280T worth it?

At about $120, the Edifier R1280T provides outstanding value. They are incredibly adaptable for PC audio or hooked into your vinyl player due to their small size and active nature. Additionally, the tone adjustment knobs offer audio freedom.

Is Edifier R1280T good for music production?

Of course, yes! These speakers are excellent for both music creation and home theatre because they can output sound from any audio source.

Are Edifier R1280DB good?

Yes! Given their pricing, the Edifier R1280DB speakers have good build quality. They also have extra remote control. This is out of the ordinary for studio monitors and indicates the desire to appeal to both seasoned and general listeners.

Does the Edifier R1280T have a built in amp?

Yes, Edifier R1280T comes with a two-way built design with built-in amp.