Klipsch Rp 160m Vs Rp 600m – Which Is Best?

Klipsch Rp 160m Vs Klipsch Rp 600m

Lets see Klipsch Rp 160m Vs Rp 600m” The superb quality, durability, and superior sound of Klipsch speakers have made them a leading high-end speaker manufacturer. With that stated, there isn’t a single speaker or product from Klipsch that isn’t excellent, but in a way, that’s what makes it so challenging to decide.

To make your purchase of one of those best Bluetooth bookshelf speakers easier, we wrote a blog post that compares them because this is a hot topic in the audio community. Klipsch is a company that offers efficiency, quality, and design at competitive prices.

Modern features and technological advancements make the Klipsch RP-600m and RP-160m ideal for customers who purchase mid-range speakers. While the Klipsch RP-160m is more well-known for its theater-like sound effects and superb soundstage, the Klipsch RP-600m is more well-known for its amazing acoustics and bass that offer clarity.

Klipsch Rp 160m

One of the top bookshelf speaker models on the market is the Klipsch RP 160M. The Klipsch RP-160M is incredibly authentic, effective, linear, and balanced. You can be sure that those bookshelf speakers will look fantastic in your living room because they feature Klipsch’s signature style.

They are also extremely high-end, so audiophiles will immediately recognize them for both their appearance and the sound quality they produce. The RP-160 system offers an easy-to-use, immersive listening experience.

Key Specifications

  • Tweeter: hard dome
  • Sensitivity: 95db
  • Dimensions” 16.67”x 8.81”x12.86’’
  • Crossover frequency: 1500HZ
  • Color: Cherry, Ebony
  • Grille: removable
  • Base: Angled
  • Cabinet material: MDF with brushed polymer veneer
  • Weight 20.9 pounds

Key Attributes


You shouldn’t pick these if you’re searching for speakers to complement a small room. The speaker works well in open areas and large indoor settings. The speaker can function best and create booming sound effects in these settings.

Speakers that weigh more than 18 pounds only have maintenance as a drawback. Cleaning, carrying, or moving it around involves some more work. The increased weight, however, is worth it because the speaker is of excellent quality and reasonably priced.


The RP-160M blends seamlessly into any setting thanks to its high-quality wood grain veneer and brushed polymer finish. Furthermore, it is portable and lightweight thanks to the ceramic-spun copper woofer.

In addition, the RP-160Klipsch m’s Tractrix Horn-loaded LTS tweeter produces the highest-quality bass. The Klipsch RP-160m is a little heavier when compared to the RP-600m. It weighs 20.9 pounds and is 12.86 x 8.81 x 16.67 inches in size.

The RP-160M is better suited to large spaces and busy interior environments. However, they are expertly made and have excellent specifications; nothing revolutionary here; just be aware that the RP-160weight M’s may be an issue.

The unique design of Klipsch speakers is one of their many selling points. Both a high-quality brushed polymer veneer and a wood grain polymer veneer are included with the RP-160m. It so combines seamlessly with a variety of house decors.

Additionally, its Ceramically spun-copper woofer enables a design that is both light and strong.

Sound Quality

Another remarkable bookshelf speaker with sturdy construction and appealing design is the Klipsch RP-160m. It has Klipsch’s vintage Horn technology, which improves airflow and lessens air turbulence. The bass is extremely powerful and smooth, with low-frequency distortion and less port disturbance produced by its novel horn tweeter.

Additionally, because of its cleverly built cabinet, this speaker produces extended, well-defined highs. It also has an excellent midrange and a true soundstage. The RP-160M also includes a premium Ceramically woofer, which provides a natural midrange and minimizes distortion.

This speaker is created to deliver excellent sound quality at a lower cost than the RP-600M. However, the sound quality and bass are not as good as the RP-600M. Overall, the innovative woofer in this bookshelf speaker creates a wonderful soundstage and a clean midrange.

Additionally, the tweeter’s horn guarantees that the sound is as efficient and detailed as possible.


Despite being heavier and larger than typical bookshelf speakers, the RP-160M Reference Premiere Bookshelf Speakers are among the most well-known models. It makes use of Klipsch-patent-pending technology.

This particular style of the tweeter is used to improve the audio’s smooth high-frequency response, imaging, and overall sound quality. A compression molded rubber construction reduces harshness on the upgraded tweeter as well.

Since it is lightweight, the woofer helps to minimize distortion and cone breakage. A modern cabinet in two colors rests on an angled hardwood foundation for the speaker. This is necessary to guide sound into your ear so the location won’t degrade the sound quality.


Another Klipsch icon is the RP-160m. It is excellent for producing improved audio effects without spending much money. The back connector on this speaker can connect it to an amplifier but does not come with any special buttons.

Additionally, the RP-160m is made with cutting-edge technology and can be used with all current television sets.


The Klipsch RP-160m is another excellent product for the money for those looking for a classy speaker that fits in with a variety of interiors. In the mid-range price range, this device is loaded with premium components and uses exclusive Horn technology to deliver premium sound.

Any environment can benefit from the Klipsch RP-160 versatility m’s and tremendous bass without breaking the budget. If money is an issue, consider this because it is less expensive than the RP-600M.

  • A great design
  • Clean and high-quality sound
  • Impressive high-frequency
  • A mid-range product
  • A durable product
  • Heavy speakers
  • Difficult to maintain
  • Difficult to carry because of heavy weight

Klipsch Rp 600m

The RP 600M bookshelf speakers, like the RP 160M described above, are a pair of reference-quality bookshelf speakers that will immerse you in full surround sound. You can count on Klipsch to look nice; the cooper cones, which complement any furniture style, are easily visible.

The most well-liked and reviewed speakers are the RP 600M models, largely because of their reasonable price. Despite being high-end and high-quality speakers, your cost will be sufficient for you to buy them.

While the Klipsch RP-160m is more recognized for its theater-like sound effects and superb soundstage, the Klipsch RP-600m is more well-known for its amazing acoustics and bass that offer clarity.

To choose the product that best meets your needs, it is, therefore, best to take a closer look at each of the following considerations if you’re torn between them.

Key Specifications

  • Base: flat
  • Cabinet material: MDF with satin painted baffles
  • Sensitivity: 96db
  • Dimensions: 69”x 7.95”x11.85”
  • Grille: removable
  • Color: Ebony and Walnut
  • Crossover frequency: 1500HZ
  • Tweeter: Hybrid Tractrix Horn

Key Attributes


In comparison to other bookshelf speakers on the market, it is portable. Lifting, moving, and even cleaning are simple tasks. Overall, it is small and convenient because it is simple to maintain while still being fairly strong. Additionally, the sound quality is unaffected by minor wear and tear.


A gorgeous wood and ebony construction can be found on the RP 600M. The speaker looks wealthy because of the lovely wood. This classic Klipsch style complements any decor yet is a durable addition to any space.

These speakers also have a dual-layer copper-wound coil with great conductivity, producing a pleasant sound. The woofer is contained in a non-resonating steel enclosure, reducing distortion and concentrating on high-quality acoustics, making the RP 600m great.

The Klipsch RP-600m is 8 x 118 x 157 inches and weighs 16.1 pounds in size and weight. It is lightweight compared to other bookshelf speakers on the market, making it easy to lift, move, and clean. The Klipsch RP-160m is a little heavier when compared to the RP-600m.

Sound Quality

The outstanding Horn technology is built into the Klipsch RP-600m. Flared apertures in the speaker’s cabinet direct the sound waves to a specific location. This prevents the sound waves from bouncing around in different directions.

This technology improves dynamics and creates a sound similar to a theatre, even at very high volumes. The RP-600m has a square mouth and a circular throat as well. This novel layout ensures a constant balance between vocalists and instrumentals and produces sound quality that is crystal clear.

This bookshelf speaker offers a smooth midrange and powerful bass through its sophisticated woofer. Additionally, the tweeter’s horn guarantees that the sound is as efficient and detailed as possible.

The Klipsch RP-600m, on the other hand, has Klipsch’s unique Exceptional Horn technology, which aids in limiting the leakage of sound waves in various directions. Furthermore, it enhances the dynamics and benefits of a theater-like sound.

However, they are almost comparable in audio quality or equipment requirements. Each has a peak power of 400 watts, a frequency response of 45 Hz to 25 kHz, a 1-inch tweeter, and 6.5-inch woofers.


The RP-600M features a brand-new vented design. Audio quality is diminished by standing waves that have formed in the tweeter. A vented tweeter is used to reduce these standing waves and produce improved high-frequencies.

They help to provide distortion-free, lifelike audio performances. Compared to the RP-160M, the audio is clearer, more balanced, and more precise. Use the magnetic grille for the speakers if you feel the treble is too bright.

For most bass enthusiasts, the 6.5-inch woofer is capable. But if you connect a subwoofer with it, like the SVS SB-2000 Subwoofer, they’ll sound better. You may also include an Atacama Nexus-i Speaker Stands 23 inches with that.


For those looking for reasonably priced mid-range speakers, the Klipsch RP-600m is a fantastic choice. It works well in various decor settings and may accommodate an amplifier to enhance its performance.

The RP-600m creates a clean sound with powerful bass and smooth highs. It is an excellent offer for those wishing to create a complete home theatre without going broke.

  • Great mid-range bookshelf speakers
  • Impressive sound
  • Crisp sound
  • Easy to setup
  • Versatile and elegant design
  • Fail to distinguish between different sounds
  • Excess focus on frequencies
  • Average performance of woofer

Klipsch Rp 160m Vs Rp 600m: Comparison Table

SpecificationsKlipsch Rp 160mKlipsch Rp 600m
TweeterTractrix HornHybrid Tractrix Horn
Woofer size6.5 inches6.5 inches
Output powerUpto 100 WattsUpto 100 Watts
Impedance8 Ohms8 Ohms
Surface Area16.67”x 8.81”x12.86’’15.69”x 7.95”x11.85”
Frequency response95db96db
Audio QualityHighImpressive
Crossover Frequency1500 HZ1500 HZ
Frequency response4HZ-25kHZ45HZ-25kHZ
ColorCherry, EbonyEbony, Walnut
Tweeter size1-inch1-inch
Cabinet MateriaMDF with brushed polymer veneerMDF with satin painted baffles

Klipsch Rp 160m Vs Rp 600m: Which Is Best?

The new RP-600M may or may not be something you want to purchase if you currently have a pair of RP-160M. Despite the RP-600M being an upgrade from the RP-160M, many users reported they couldn’t tell the difference.

You won’t hear a difference if you don’t sit down to evaluate music critically. To improve the quality of the RP-160M, you may always opt for a subwoofer rather than the new model.

If you’re seeking a new set of speakers, you should purchase the RP-600M because it contains all of the features of the RP-160M. It boasts better treble and mid-range, more premise imaging, and a larger soundstage.


One of the most well-known brands of bookshelf speakers is Klipsch. In addition to their excellent features and affordable prices, Klipsch products are adored for their overall style and comfort. The vented tweeter design of the Klipsch RP-600M, if you can afford it, allows more information to pass through while reducing harshness.

Additionally, it has superior bass, so if a subwoofer is outside your budget, consider this. After all, there is a reason why the RP-600M is the upgraded version of the 160M.

Finally, to conclude this article, there are only a few subpar Klipsch speakers. You can be confident that you are getting top-notch speakers whether you buy the RP-600M or the RP-160M.

Frequently Asked Questions

How good are Klipsch rp600m?

Although the imaging capabilities of the RP-600 are above average, please don’t count on them to create a three-dimensional, audible soundstage in your room. Depending on your amplifier, a minor degree of harshness in the upper midrange may disturb certain vocals listeners.

How many watts is the Klipsch 600M?

The RP-600’s power output is 100 watts continuous and 400 watts peak.

Where are Klipsch Rp 600M speakers made?

73 years after its introduction, the renowned Klipsch horn is still being produced at the Hope, Arkansas, Klipsch facility. The premier stand-mounted speaker model from Klipsch is the Reference Premiere RP-600M.

How tall is the Klipsch Rp 600M?

Height of Klipsch RP 600M is 15.69’’.

Which Klipsch series is the best?

The new, premium Klipsch Reference speaker range delivers better sound quality, accuracy, clarity, and effortless power.