Bose SoundLink Micro Review | Complete Details

Bose SoundLink Micro Review

Finding a compact speaker is getting tricky over time. All because of many products from different companies with almost the same features. If you are looking for a compact speaker to carry around with you, we have a solid recommendation for you.

Bose is famous among music enthusiasts because of its compact size and clear sound. And the speaker we will review below is one of the best compact Bluetooth speakers. Bose SoundLink Micro has all the innovative features to rock your outdoor adventures.

I was considering the Bose Soundlink Micro as a travel speaker for Bluetooth because of its small size. It is rather subtle and unremarkable in appearance if you get the black version. Its design is rather practical. In keeping with the classic Bose aesthetic, it is still good-looking. Its square, rounded shape is crucial for packing as well. Its flat shape allows it to fit practically anywhere, adds no bulk, and will not obstruct your packing systems.

Let’s get straight into the Bose SoundLink Micro review:

Bose SoundLink Micro is a compact Bluetooth speaker. It comes with innovative features and a sleek, vibrant appearance. SoundLink Micro is the best recommendation for all those looking for an affordable, pocket-size Bluetooth speaker.

  • Weight:                           289g 
  • Dimensions(hwd):          9.9 x 9.9 x 3.6cm 
  • Bluetooth:                       Yes
  • Waterproof:                    Yes
  • Dustproof:                       Yes (IPX6 rating)
  • App compatibility:         Bose Connect app
  • Type:                               Outdoor, Wireless Speaker
  • Multiple device pairing
  • IPX7 waterproof and dustproof
  • Smooth Lows and clear highs
  • Portable
  • Small battery life
  • No audio input

Here are some basic features to consider before buying a Bluetooth speaker:

  • Sound Quality

The most basic feature to consider before buying a speaker is its sound system. Bose SoundLink Micro comes with an awesome audio system. The speaker is loud enough to fill up your room. It has a maximum volume range of 79dB, which is not expected from a pocket-size speaker.

SoundLink Micro is known for its smooth and rich low ends with shrill and clear high ends. Additionally, the speaker comes with a balanced sound. If you are concerned about bass, you may be disappointed as it needs more bass at some points. Bass is not a serious issue; it gets a little doomed when listening to pop music.

However, you may experience distortion in sound as you increase volume up to 80-85%. So, SoundLink Micro is preferred only to entertain small gatherings or parties. But its clarity, sound quality, and mid-range bass are the best.

  • Design and Appearance

Bose SoundLink Micro is a 9.9cm wide, high, square-shaped Bluetooth speaker. This speaker comes in vibrant colors. You can get black, orange, blue, midnight blue, and white colors. You can select the perfect fit according to your room’s color theme. 

Moreover, the speaker has a proper volume, play, or pause control system. SoundLink Micro has a hand strap, so you can conveniently hang it anywhere. The strap is made from silicon, which is tear-resistant, ensuring durability.

Its sleek, cool appearance and compact design make it a perfect Bluetooth speaker for your shelves, living rooms, and studios. 

  • Durability and Portability

Just like other Bose speakers, SoundLink Micro is made from hard-wearing material. The external part is made of rubberized silicon to protect the inner machinery. Additionally, it comes with a soft touch finish that is smooth enough with a sparkling touch. 

The incredible Micro speaker from Bose comes with an IPX7 waterproof rating. Also, it is IP6x dustproof. These features enable users to use it for outdoor adventures, particularly beach and pool parties.  

Bose SoundLink Micro is ultimately portable, with only 289g of total weight. Moreover, the hand strap and pocket size design contribute to convenient portability. 

  • Built-in Microphone and App Connectivity

The best thing about Bose SoundLink Micro is its built-in microphone. It enables you to answer the phone calls directly. The user can also get proper access to the phone. SoundLink comes with a stereo mode to rock up your party floor. 

Moreover, the speaker has compatibility with the Google Assistant app, Siri, speakerphone, and voice assistant. Also, the speaker has innovative connectivity with iOS and Android. Its smart built-in comes with the Bose Connect app to ensure convenient access to all the smart features. 

  • Pricing and Availability

Bose SoundLink Micro is pricy compared to other speakers. But considering the features, loudness, and design, you’ll find it worth buying at any price. 

This incredible speaker is available at Amazon, Walmart, and other e-shopping sites. You can get this sleek speaker for only $119 at Amazon, Walmart, and the official site of Bose. 

SoundLink Micro is a hidden gem for music lovers in this era of innovations. The speaker has wireless connectivity. It uses Bluetooth connectivity with a 187 feet range. Additionally, the speaker has 2 device pairings. 

However, it lacks any wired input or connection, so it is not preferred for table-top systems and PCs. Moreover, it has 6 hours of battery life per charge. A micro USB charging port is available for appropriate charging.

Bose SoundLink Micro is a remarkable Bluetooth speaker with premium sound quality and exceptional features. The speaker has a built-in microphone and speakerphone for answering your phone calls without interrupting the music.

Moreover, this small portable is one of the best wireless speakers under $150. It offers a matchless connectivity range with perfect size. Overall, the sound and structure are commendable. 

However, SoundLink has a limited battery life and a bit of distortion. But the other features and adjustments compensate for this drawback.

Final Thoughts

I can not recommend this speaker enough if you want a great-sounding, multipurpose Bluetooth speaker for your travels that works in most situations, even with that connection workflow gaff I mentioned above. It is standard equipment in my travel kit. It is something I always bring. It is fantastic for music, hotel/AirbnB hanging out, locker room tunes, or connecting to my tablet for movies when my girlfriend and I are rained in.

If budget impedes you and you prioritize stylish design over robust construction, look into Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay A1. It is expensive, and I still need to check the sound quality. However, this is unquestionably a stunning example of industrial design, and they are a reputable company regarding sound dynamics. I have always been interested in this because it is a “bit of tech that I kind of want but can not justify.” It’s slightly bigger but not a lot so it would still be good for travel.


The Bose SoundLink Mini is an excellent-sounding Bluetooth speaker that is particularly helpful for people who travel frequently despite its pricey price tag. The Bose SoundLink Mini is an extremely impressive speaker despite having some of the same issues as other speakers in this class.

At moderate volume levels, the battery lasts approximately 10 hours when fully charged. At higher volume levels, battery power is used more quickly. A battery typically lasts for around 300 charge cycles.

When playing at its highest volume, a 20-watt Bose SoundLink Bluetooth speaker produces a louder and more powerful sound than a 10-watt model. Larger sound drivers and amplifiers with power outputs in the hundreds and thousands of watts are found in home entertainment and live sound systems.