How to Power Passive Speakers without an Amp?

How to Power Passive Speakers without an Amp

Are you looking for How to Power Passive Speakers without an Amp? A speaker is a device that we use to produce audible sounds. They are designed to lower or higher the sounds according to our requirements. But do you know that a speaker’s working also requires proper powering? 

Well, the powering of a speaker depends on its category. Either it is an active speaker or a passive speaker. Both of them have different Powering methods. 

Are you seeking a comprehensive guide to power your passive speakers without an amp? Look no further than today because we are here with a solution. In this article, we discuss all the points regarding the powering of passive speakers.

Let’s deep dive into our ultimate guide to How to Power Passive speakers without an amp:

Active Speakers vs Passive Speakers in terms of Powering?

A speaker is categorized into two types. An active speaker has a built-in amplifier. 

On the other hand, passive speakers don’t have an internal amp. They use an external amp for powering. 

Why Use a Passive Speaker?

With the innovation of technology, we have shifted from active to passive speakers. Because passive speakers offer more flexibility and advancements. They have enhanced sound and are also lightweight with more control.

How to Power Passive Speakers

Passive speakers are easily powered with the amp. Because Passive speakers don’t have a built-in amp, an external amp provides enhanced sound. You must connect your passive speaker with an external amplifier to power it.

However, if you don’t have an amplifier, no worries. Passive speakers are also powered without an amp.

Let’s explore more about powering a Passive speaker without an amp:

How to Power Passive Speakers without an Amp

You can power your Passive speaker without an amp by using the following methods:

  • Power Passive speaker with an AV receiver
  • Power Passive speaker using a Powered mixer
  • Power Passive speaker with an Active Subwoofer
  • Power Passive speaker with your PC

How to Power Passive Speakers with an AV Receiver

You can use an AV receiver to power a Passive speaker without Amp. An AV receiver is designed to process signals and power amplifiers and speakers. An AV receiver with high capacity can easily replace external Amp.

Firstly, connect your speaker to an AV receiver. But make sure you have a dynamic AV receiver. All you need is a Zone 2 port. Activate your port. Use a Phono cable for connection.

Set up the midrange of the Zone 2 port. Now your AV receiver is powering the Passive speaker. Sometimes, the AV receiver cannot provide enough power to your speaker. AV receiver didn’t work in these cases; this happens due to the low capacity of AVs.

How to Power Passive Speakers Using a Powered Mixer

Another way to power up Passive speakers is by using a powered mixer. A power or audio mixer is a device for mixing electric or audio signals or empowering speakers. They also work as built-in amplifiers. This technique is mostly used for live performances and DJ setups.

This is the easiest way to power a passive speaker without an amp. You just have to connect the Passive speaker with Powered mixers. Connect the speaker’s jack with the mixer, and turn the mixer on. Now, both devices work together and form a unit.

The built-in amplifier of the mixer provides enough power to amp up the speaker. Powered mixers give the user more sound control for a better music experience.

The following are the requirements for powering a Passive speaker with an audio mixer:

  • A speaker and power mixer
  • 2 females jack of 1/4 
  • Single XLR lead.  
  • A microphone
  • A phono cable (in some cases)

How to Power Passive Speakers with an Active Subwoofer

For those with weak AV receivers, using active subwoofers to Power up the speaker is the best choice. An active subwoofer can connect with a passive speaker without an external amp. 

Powered subwoofers drive the power directly to your speaker.  The basic purpose of using a subwoofer for powering a Passive speaker is home theaters. You can connect one or even five passive speakers with a sub.

How to Power Passive Speakers with your PC

Another way to power a passive speaker is by using a PC. Because a PC comes with a 3.5mm input high enough to power a speaker. A PC also recharges smartphones, headphones, or small Bluetooth devices. But we do not recommend powering large speakers with a PC. 

Assemble your PC parts, and connect the main jack with your speaker using a cable. Check the impedance of the speaker. Turn on the PC. Adjust volume and other settings. Your system is all set to use. Using a PC for Powering also offers more control and easy adjustments. 

Important Considerations

Before you choose a way to Power Passive Speakers without an amp, the following are important factors:

  • You are using the right component. For example, Powered mixers and AV receivers have built-in amps. Similarly, Subwoofers are also powered and are best for Powering speakers, so if you want to power without an amp, use powered sources.
  • Check the size and power of your passive speakers and AVs, Mixers, and subs. Such precautions help in getting desirable results.
  • Set the impedance of the speaker accordingly. 
  • Check the wirings. Use the phono cables or wires that come with your devices. Or try to purchase standard wires. Don’t use large or bulky wiring. Keep it simple and precise.


It is possible to connect passive speakers without an amplifier. However, if you are not careful, the safety of your source components and even the speaker is not guaranteed. You should remember that passive speakers need amplifiers to function properly, so you should be mindful of impedance matching and power.


What is the Best Way to Make My Passive Speakers Powered Speakers?

To turn your passive speaker into an active or powered speaker, connect it to an external power source and amplifier. The amplifier can be viewed as an additional power source turned on on a pedal board. For their instruments, it is often turned on by audiophiles to enhance the sound quality they hear.

Can Power Passive Speakers Produce Loud Sound Without An Amp?

To produce a loud sound, passive speakers require an external amplifier. It is abundantly clear from the discussion that it is possible to power a passive speaker without using an external amplifier.

The source component must be required to be “powered” or to have an integrated amplifier. If you complete the connection with, say, a DVD but the DVD is not powered, you will not be able to get good sound output or any output at all.