What is a Subwoofer and Do You Need One?

What is a Subwoofer and Do You Need One

Are you looking for What is a Subwoofer and Do You Need One? Are you a professional music player or a DJ looking for a compatible pair of subwoofers? Do you want to listen to mid-range or less loud music at home or in the studio? We have a solution to your problem. All you need is a premium-quality subwoofer to adjust your speaker’s sound and bass according to your needs.

Do you know what a subwoofer is? Are you looking for the best subwoofer? In this article, we will discuss what is a subwoofer. We will also suggest some amazing subwoofers without breaking the bank. Here is a list of 4 best Subwoofers to level up your music experience.

Let’s get straight into our topic:

What is a Subwoofer, and Why is a Subwoofer Used?

Before buying a subwoofer, you must know what a subwoofer is and why you need one.

Well, a subwoofer is a device used to lower the frequency of music. The main purpose of a subwoofer is to reproduce low frequency. 

Sometimes, our Bluetooth speakers generate inaudible high-frequency music. So, to lower the frequency and to make the sound more accurate, a subwoofer is used. Let’s dive deep into our topic.

Our Top Picks

Are you looking for the best subwoofer? Wait no more than today. We have a list of the best subwoofer to consider. Let’s explore our list of the best subwoofers:

1-SVS SB-1000 pro- Best Overall Subwoofer 


  • The innovative design boasts vanishingly low distortion and virtually endless on-demand power while maintaining driver control.
  • It has a long-throw parabolic surround and dual ferrite magnet motor assemblies for extreme excursion, which deliver massive output with finesse.
  • Through sophisticated in-room tuning and strong controls, it delivers pinpoint, accurate frequency response while allowing the subwoofer to take charge of a space with room-filling bass.
  • The SVS Subwoofer DSP Smartphone App is the simplest way to control volume, manage custom presets, and optimize system performance.       

  • Crystal clear sound
  • Tight bass
  • Ultra-portable
  • Only suitable for small rooms

Why did we choose this?

SVS SB-1000 Pro is the best subwoofer we have tested so far. It performs best in frequency, bass, and sound clarity testing. More precisely, SVS is the best overall subwoofer. SVS is the best choice for all those looking for an ultimate subwoofer for small spaces. 

SB-1000 comes with a commendable mega bass. The speaker can produce a sound of 325 watts, and the maximum capacity of SB-1000 is more than 725 watts. The speaker has a crystal clear voice and smooth high and low notes. 

SVS SB-1000 pro comes with an amazing sleek design, mostly available in white color. The Sound Path port of SVS removes low-frequency noise and provides you with a more enhanced music experience.

Finally, the biggest downfall of SVS is its limited sound. This subwoofer is preferred for small rooms. This innovative subwoofer costs you only $600 for the amazing and precise sound quality.

2- KEF KC62- Best Deep Bass subwoofer


  • With a KW1 accessory, it can be used wirelessly or wired.
  •  Force-cancelling is a key component of how KEF’s new type of bass driver operates, which is entirely different from anything else on the market.
  • The KC62 is a remarkably small subwoofer that provides powerful, accurate bass for a thrillingly immersive video and game-viewing and listening experience. 
  • No matter where you decide to place it, the KC62 blends seamlessly into any setting or listening room due to its five pre-set Room Placement Equalization features, guaranteeing the same performance.
  • With KEF Smart Connect and speaker-level inputs, the KC62 can be connected to almost any audio system without encountering connection problems. 

  • Monster bass
  • Innovative EQ options
  • 1000-watt peak output
  • Very pricy

Why did we choose this?

KEF KC62 is one of the best subwoofers if you have an open budget. It comes with an amazing deep bass and a monster sound. You can get up to 1000-watt power output with a smooth flow, which is commendable. 

The best thing about KEF is its Uni-Q driver feature. You can get an amazing sound experience irrespective of loud sound or high bass. Its D-class amplifier is a treat for music lovers.

KC62 is more than just an ordinary subwoofer. Moreover, the only downfall is its high price, which is quite higher than other subwoofers. But overall, sound quality, bass, and clear notes compensate for the price.

The KEF KC62 has a sleek cylindrical design. It comes with a quality outer structure and modern inner machinery. The current price of this premium subwoofer is $1450.

3- Polk Audio HTS 10- Best Subwoofer for Small Spaces


  • With Polk’s exclusive Dynamic Balance Technology, the 10″ front-firing long-throw woofer in this speaker produces an immersive, three-dimensional sound that fills the room.
  • Its turbulence-smoothing diffuser, which directs airflow from the speaker into your listening area, produces a deeper bass response.
  • It has a stereo line level and LFE inputs. 
  • With their dedication and expert craftsmanship, Polk uses cutting-edge technology, masterful engineering, and innovation to bring out the best in sound systems.

  • Balanced sound
  • 200-
  • Impressive bass
  • No loud sound for crowds

Why did we choose this?

If you are looking for a small-size and mid-range subwoofer, this Polk audio is the perfect fit. This incredible subwoofer comes with a balanced sound and clear audio. 

Polk Company uses innovative, balanced technology to design all sound factors precisely. Using Polk HTS will bring ultimate pleasure by delivering smooth sound and clarity. If you face noise issues while lowering your Bluetooth speaker’s sound, HTS will be the best choice. 

The innovative features of Polk audio help reduce the extra noise of output. 

Finally, the only downfall of this subwoofer is its small range. For enjoying music in gatherings or large crowds, HTS-10 is not useful at all. Polk HTS-10 is an amazing speaker that creates average bass and enough sound for a small room. You can get this incredible subwoofer for only $499 at Amazon.

4- Monoprice 150-Watt- Best Budget Subwoofer


  • It has a 150-watt RMS (200-watt peak) output capacity.
  • High-level inputs accept stereo speaker outputs from the amplifier as a full-range signal. 
  • The subwoofer has various input options, making it compatible with any current stereo or 5.1 (or higher) amplifier system.
  • You can adjust the crossover filter and the power output for the best blend and balance of bass output with your stereo or surround speakers using the gain and frequency knobs on the control panel.

  • 150-watt power
  • Affordable
  • Mid-range bass
  • Low power output

Why did we choose this?

If you are looking for a subwoofer at an affordable price, this Monoprice subwoofer is for you. It comes with a 150-watt power output, which is quite lower than its competitors. You can get a maximum of 200-watt peak power. 

The speaker delivers a clear voice. Monoprice subwoofer has a mid-range bass, making it not useable for loud sounds and for small spaces. This subwoofer is like a bookshelf speaker, providing enough mid-range sound to a small room.

Monoprice has an old, table-like appearance and a bit older design. Well, the speaker needs more smart features. It is not a fancy subwoofer but quite considerable for a single person’s music needs. 

The current price of this despicable speaker is $115, which is way lower than its competitors.


Bookshelf speakers simply will not cut it if you want to feel the impact of an on-screen explosion. Adding a subwoofer to your speaker system relieves your other speakers of the burden of reproducing these demanding low frequencies.

By high-passing the signal to your other speakers, you will hear voices more clearly and experience less distortion as your sound system is turned up louder than it would be without a subwoofer.


What distinguishes a subwoofer from a typical speaker?

The frequency range of a subwoofer is much smaller than that of a full-range loudspeaker; subwoofers typically only reproduce frequencies below 150Hz, whereas bookshelf speakers may produce a frequency range of 50Hz–20kHz.

Why is only one subwoofer required?

Due to the widespread belief that low-frequency sound is omnidirectional, traditionally, only one sub is used to fill a room with sound.

Are subwoofers merely speakers?

A subwoofer is a speaker specifically designed to reproduce the bass, which are low-pitched audio frequencies. Passive Sub: Passive subs are so-called because an external amplifier or Audio/Video (A/V) receiver is required to power them. Traditional speakers can be compared to this.